Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ARThlete ♥ {Positive Motivation}

Summer is here! Time for me to hibernate! Seriously, I hate it here in the summertime, it's just too damn hot. Since I'm not going to be at the Farmer's Market with my little Zombees and I'm also not taking any classes in June, I've decided to amp up my workouts in an attempt to make the miserable, unbearable summer go by more quickly! 

I'm  a very visual person, so I often look up pictures to motivate myself into working out or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you just need a little "umph" you know? When you google these types of things, you often get a lot of "thinspo" [short for thin-spiration] which is a good idea in theory, but is generally produced and circulated by teenagers pretending to have eating disorders. There is nothing worse than looking for good workout motivation pictures and finding bony and horrifying pictures of girls whose inner thighs don't touch when their ankles are crossed with superimposed text like "he'll love you when you can do this." Yikes! Definitely a laugh/cry/eat situation. 

More recently, there have been new developments in this inspirational venue with "fitspo" [short for fit-spiration, I guess? They're losing me on this ...] which is all well and good until you come across that picture of a girl with an 8 pack and what appears to be the beginnings of a penis with superimposed text like "SWEAT IT OUT, BITCH!" Yikes, again. Definitely a laugh/laugh/nightmares situation. 

TheBerry.com recently started doing Daily Motivation posts which are just great. They weed out the ridiculous and focus on something attainable and actually inspirational. I highly recommend it!. I also highly recommend ARThlete.tumblr.com. This girl draws the cutest little real-life-meets-Disney-princess girls of normal or healthy-range weight with motivational quotes. They're all positive and I think that is what I like best. I've added some of my favorites below. Enjoy! ♥


  1. I love these! Especially the "start your body lovin' now" one.

  2. Where have you been, lady? I miss the posts!