Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seriously ...

You should know that this blog is nearly always just one step away from being a whiny, text-only, angsty blog about how much I hate everyone. Be thankful that I have more self control as an adult. And that I love taking pictures of my shoes.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ollie Ollie Oxfords

I know I've gushed about these before, but they deserve their own post! I looked everywhere for a great pair of oxfords. The problem with most of them is that they are too bulky or pointed, or they're patent or cheap looking. It really is difficult to find the perfect pair. A lot of people are calling jazz shoes "oxfords" which is incorrect. The jazz shoe is great, too ... but for an entirely different effect. Oxfords are much more sturdy and should be made with nice leather and have a slight heel. Basically a mens shoe, slenderized for a womans foot. Love it! 

These wing-tipped, lace-free oxfords are great with cigarette pants, leggings or even skirts [short or long, straight, but not a-line!] and even cuter with tights of any color! I can't get enough of these. I'm really wanting the cream colored pair for the spring ... nude pants and a sailor-esque shirt!! Ah!!

2010 STEVEN by Steve Madden, Melanee Oxfords

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Sweets

mini cheesecakes with berries!

pumpkin spice cheesecake cups

"puppy chow"

The Spread

Here is all the other stuff I cooked. I had a blast and I think everyone liked everything. Mostly, the cheese soup! Sorry the pictures are so dark. I'm living in a world of darkness. Seriously, our house is like a cave. An awesome, great smelling cave full of books, shoes and video games.

Pasta salad with alligator sausage! Made my own dressing. Yum.

Cheddar Ale soup dressed with peppered bacon, sour cream and home made croutons. I tried Williams-Sonoma's recipe for this about a year ago ... no good. So, I just kind of winged it this ear and ended up high-fiving myself all night. I'll post the recipe later, but just know that it involves 2 lbs of cheddar, a cup of pale ale and heavy whipping cream. Dear God.

Sausage balls!

My mashed potatoes are made with red potatoes, a 1/2 block of cream cheese and heavy whipping cream ... not healthy. at. all.

The Bird

I decided not to use other people's recipes this year, but I'll do my best to tell you how I cooked this ...

Stuffing : 2 loaves of French bread [about 4oz each], cut into cubes, 1lb alligator sausage, 1/2 large white onion, garlic [I usually use 2 or 3 cloves], 3 celery stalks [chopped], 1 shallot [chopped] 2 carrots [chopped], a handful or so of parsley, rosemary, salt, pepper, Tony's to taste. 2 beaten eggs, 1/2 cup white wine, 2 cups chicken broth. : Sautee the veggies and sausage in olive oil for about 7-10 mintues, ... I don't like soggy veggies, but if you do, make sure you sautee them for longer. Add the mixture to the bread, add the beaten eggs and white wine mixture as well. Add chicken broth to desired sogginess! I usually only use a cup, just enough to moisten the mixture. 

I am not a clean cook. 

Take the stuffing you don't ... stuff, and bake it at 375 until golden.
Gorgeous and delicious!

And now, the bird ... 12lbs of deliciousness! I always start by thawing it correctly ... and by always, I mean almost never. Seriously, last year we had to run luke warm water through its but for 3 hours because we forgot to thaw correctly. Anyway, this year our turkey, Turkey Michelle Gellar-Prinze thawed out perfectly. 

Take some cheesecloth and soak it in a mixture of white wine, minced garlic and melted [real] butter. I can't remember how much of each. I'd guess a 1/2 cup of wine and a stick of butter. 

Next step, butter + salt + pepper + fresh rosemary + lemon ... proceed to rub it down! Brandon grows rosemary for me, but dried rosemary will do just fine. 

Cover turkey with the soaked cheese cloth, stuff with stuffing and tie up the legs ... bake for 30 minutes at 400 and then for about 3 hours at a reduced heat of 350.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble, Gobble

Hope your Thanksgiving is as classy as ours ...

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Whoop! [sort of]


Actually, I have one more paper to write before I can return ...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh, man ...

I love writing papers. 5,000 words? Coming right up ...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different ...

Here are a few links to friends of mine who are much better at this than I am ... follow! 

Purple Reign

The Deepest of Violets, Sally Hansen SALON 

Drama, Lancome

Boots, too old to tell. Bought them in 2004 brand name is worn off!

They're torn, but I will wear them until they fall apart completely ... :(

Some purple inspiration for Heather ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Man, I love clogs. Jeffrey Campbell makes the best of the year, for sure. My favorite being his closed clog with laces, but since I don't have $200 and I like to kick my shoes off under my desk and in my car, I searched and found a great pair better suited for me.

So, what makes a good clog? I am not a professional, but for this season, avoid the short, fat clogs and go sky high with a platform and a slimmer cut overall. The studs are a must to have the actual clog look, and going all black will ensure cuteness when worn with tights.

I only mix colors [or wear colors other than black for that matter] during Fall.
Dress: Old Navy
Clod-Hoppers: Alloy
Grandpa Sweater: too old to know ... so, "vintage" haha.

Monday, November 15, 2010


RI RI!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so amazing. 
Why can I not have perfect skin and do this. I would look like Raggedy Ann if I did this. I am so jealous, but happy because I pretend I am RiRi on a regular basis. We look good. Real good.

UPDATE: Yes, her necklace says "fuck you" ... ahhhhh! Yes.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poker Night

So, every[ish] Saturday, dear Bunny goes to play cards with a group of guy friends. We are so old fashioned, I know! I'm usually busy with a ZC thing or a friend thing or a wedding thing or all three, but tonight when he was on his way out the door, I thought ... welp, I'm gonna do nothing and love it. So, I did my favorite kind of nothing with a holiday twist ...

= Happy Kate [That's right ... I watch non-horror films, too.] 

I can't decide whether it's sad or awesome that I'm drinking wine out of my Santa mug. In any case, I have a stack of [fashion/food/history] magazines from October and November that I've neglected, 4 new Christmas Zombee Candle scents to name and a couple of knitting needles that haven't been touched since June. Time to settle into the season with a night of never leaving my bed unless I have to pee or get more wine! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Beauty Tip! [sort of]

Uses ... besides cow's udders!
great for just shaved legs [happening right now, actually]
use for eyebrow shaping, put a little balm on your [tooth]brush and brush eyebrows into shape!
  chapped lips? not anymore ....
works better than molding balm for my hair. just a little on the tips after flat ironing!

my only complaint? I can't find it in the round, war-time package! shucks ...

Whatevz, I'm Over It

This is sad, but for me, it is most often the people closest to me that I can count on the least. I don't mean that in terms of my husband or my entire family, but there are definitely friends I've had for years and family members that let me down on a regular basis. Why? I realize I'm pretty awful, but if you're my friend or the like, you probably already know that and are accustomed to my shitty ways. I feel like I'm supportive of my friends and their endeavors and I don't do that for the sole purpose of having it returned, but I often find myself thinking "why am I having to beg for support right now?" I definitely spent most of my young life begging for attention and was made to feel horrible for it, but as an adult, I don't consider assuming someone who cares for me will be there for me as attention-seeking behavior.

I don't consider this a rant, or a vague non-name-dropping slight to a specific person whom I'm too cowardly to confront. I am speaking generally about several people over several years. This is more of an "isn't life grand" type post. The fact that I have to say that is sad; people are so quick to assume I'm talking about them when I write something critical. Any time I have an issue with someone, they know it first. That is the point, right? I get a lot of flack for bringing up issues or calling people on their bull-shit [and honestly, denying my own from time to time] but how on earth can anyone cultivate a real relationship with anyone without being honest and dealing with their issues? Communication is key, but for the record ... I don't think that involves begging for encouragement.

The problem with having this type of conversation is that the person almost always gets defensive and then overcompensates, cheapening their words and making it seem as if they're feigning emotion to suffice the crying titty-baby. Then I [the titty-baby] just end up feeling like an asshole. Ugh. OR they get defensive and react the opposite way by playing freeze out or  throwing your relationship away completely. I'm pretty great at the latter; I weigh my issues with people against involving myself with them at all and if my Benjamin Franklin style pros/cons list doesn't add up ... it's over. [I'm such a guy.] I guess this is why people just write Facebook status updates like, "I REALLY WISH GIRLS WEREN'T SUCH BITCHES!!! EPIC FAIL!!!! SEE MY REAL FRIENDS TONIGHT!!!" ... shit, just typing that makes my bowels twitch. Getting it out of your system in a safe [as in, non-consequential whatsoever] way is great, as long as you don't plan on learning any life lessons. Honestly, how can you be sure you have any real friends whatsoever if you're constantly hating everything they do, but never talking about it?

I guess I can safely say that I've learned a lot this year about my relationships; old, new, real, fake, tormented,  and blissful. And I have to say ... WHO NEEDS 'EM!?!

I'm kidding, I'll probably make more friends, lose more and maybe just keep a few forever, but I'll be kicking and screaming the whole way if people don't stop stunting their growth out of fear of an 'icky' feeling and learn how to interact on a real level.


Errrrrbody wants my jacket! Just kidding, I'm sure these celebrities win the contest of "who wore it first" since I've worn mine twice because it's still 80 degrees every day. [note to self : damn & curse mother nature] I also think all of these people wear it better than I do, but that is neither here nor there. The point is, I've found a perfect jacket for this season. Light leather, which means it can be layered and the envelope collar ensures you don't look like a man when sporting it with jeans. I pair mine mostly with leggings or a long black skirt. I'd say my fashion inspiration for this season is definitely The Craft.

Miss Berry's is the one that looks most like mine. Miss Swift's seems to have elastic paneling on the inside of the arms and Miss Watt's looks to be crinkled or something similar.

I got mine at Target during the summer, when they were putting out pre-Fall goodies, but they don't have it anymore! Ah! VS has something similar, as does Macy's