Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Prep / Craft Time

Oh, man! I can't wait to show everyone the pictures from the Halloween Party! I thought I'd do a "prep" blog first, though. I did a candy bar for the party, which involved apothecary jars, ribbon and an absolute shit-ton of candy. Whoo! I carry a mini hot glue gun around in my purse ... that's how crafty I've been over the last month! Absurd, but great fun.

It's best to put a hot glue dot right on the glass, press the ribbon and then tightly wrap it around and glue again. You shouldn't need to glue all the way around!

 Black, glitter spiderweb ribbon on thick grosgrain; a layered look for the licorice jar!

 I made little baggies, decorated with foam stickers for the guests to fill their candy buffet treats with.

 The little ghost was my favorite!!

 I made VIP ribbons for the ladies who helped me set up for the party. I used little ribbons to wrap up the tulle, plus a mixture of different widths of grosgrain, satin and organza ribbon in
 Halloween colors and a lot of hot glue!

 I think they turned out pretty great!

Meanwhile, Mallori was busy painting a haunted tree for the background. Freezing her tail off, surely.

Party pics coming soon! My post-Halloween depression is settling in nicely. 363 days left to plan the next party ... I already have so many ideas! The best way to combat my depression is to plan a glorious Thanksgiving dinner, so that will be my focus for the next few weeks. 


  1. With Brandon's bike in the background and that fancy hoodie of his, I look like Easy Rider...

  2. You are such a genius at Halloween,you crafty bitch!

  3. Thank you ... now I have to wait FOREVER!!!!!!!!! to do it all again. Blah.