Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Helpy Helperton

It is pitch black and 7pm right now. YAY!!!!!!!!! I hate that demon sun, thank goodness we "fell back" last weekend. I've also been getting up naturally at an earlier time. Bonus.

I just wanted to [publicly] thank Carrie & Jenny for their precious labels for The Fort. [a magical office/studio/getaway where I make my little Zombees] I carefully removed them from the boxes from Merry Market and taped them securely on the shelf that Brandon built for me to keep inventory. They have cute little pictures on them and they are much better than my dinky Post-It notes that kept falling off or disappearing. My favorite has to be Tea du Vampire and I cannot find it to save my life! So, I'm cleaning like a crazy person until I find it. I have a great family! Thanks!

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