Monday, November 8, 2010


Does watching The Secret Garden & eating a sprinkle donut count as working? Well ... if you're a total lazy ass like me, yes it does. I'm sort of doing work, though. I need to name a few new scents and write a few papers for school. As long as I can sit in The Fort and accomplish all of this while in my pajamas, I'll stay happy and productive. I've decided to do a sugarplum scented candle for Christmas! Pretty exciting, I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. The only bad part about experimenting with scents is ... one false move and my house smells like Bigfoot's d*ck for a week or so. [anybody get that reference?]

I am Homer Simpson.


  1. You should name a candle "Merry Mallori" - or perhaps "Ebeneezer Mallori" <---and make it black - like my cold, xmas-hating heart. Haha.

  2. You can't hate xmas!!! You're going to hate my house in December if you do ...

  3. haha. will it be an orange and black xmas? because i'm down with that. green and red just make my head hurt :/

  4. XMAS IS THE WORST! Mancha is trying to put me in the spirit by making it a disco xmas in our house and she's putting up chanukkah decorations too.

    She is such a GEM!

    Also, DONUT TIME!

  5. looks like you two are coming over for xmas cookie time soon ... I WILL FORCE MY AFFINITIES ON YOU!!!