Sunday, November 7, 2010

Warming Weekend

Holy balls, our house is cold ... See, it gets down to about 45 at night and our house gets down to about 60 [remember when I said we're cheap asses and wait until we're about to die before we turn the heat on?] but when it warms up during the day, our house stays 60 because of all the shade. Its pretty bad. But, like I said ... we're going to try and wait another week! This probably won't work when we have kids.

Here are a few shots from this delicious [almost free of commitments and/or social events] weekend ...

Rupert is almost never amused, but he loves baskets!

 "Dirty Scramble" - 1/2 white onion, 1/2 bell pepper [Brandon grows them now!] Salt, pepper, rosemary [from the yard, he grows that for me, too!] garlic [duh] ... 

Cook the veggies in bacon grease [no really, after you're done frying bacon, pour most, but not all of the bacon grease out. Leave the "giddins" ... it's called "Dirty Scramble" for Pete's sake ...

 5 eggs, 2 whites only ... cook on high to get a quick scramble ... the vegetables will be cooked, but still crisp. Yumsies.

 Sweet Pete!

I mixed these ... 

To ice these! Delicious ...

... but messy!

 Can't wait for Thanksgiving ...

Finally, a [relatively] clean dining room table! October nearly killed me ... but we got the house in shape over the weekend, so I'm back to taking pictures of everything. Lucky you, eh? Hah.

If you wanted to know ... the queso is good, the salsa needed salt, lime, cilantro & onions. I just so happened to have all of that, so I added it and it was saved!

My 4-hour chicken noodle soup ... I will not be giving this recipe out! JK, maybe later.

Mmmmm!! Suck it, Campbell's! 

 Walked out, saw this ... had to share. It is finally looking like NOT summer here.

Okay, that's enough. G'night!


  1. How did I miss pumpkin spice cream cheese?! Is it still available, because I need it now.

    Also, I love your animals. :)

  2. Thanks for coming by on Saturday and getting a Zombee. :)

    Peter the Corgi is awesome. I highly recommend Corgis. Rupert was found on the side of the road outside New Orleans after Katrina. He is indestructible and we love him.

    The pumpkin spice cream cheese is still available; look for seasonal displays! I found this in the back left corner of the [semi-clean, non-skanky] WalMart on Shreveport-Barksdale. Happy hunting!

  3. awww PETEYYY

    All of your food looks very delicious!
    That owl pitcher looks fantastic with flowers in it... I just bought a rabbit pitcher that I probably wasn't ever going to use functionally but you've given me a GREAT idea!