Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poker Night

So, every[ish] Saturday, dear Bunny goes to play cards with a group of guy friends. We are so old fashioned, I know! I'm usually busy with a ZC thing or a friend thing or a wedding thing or all three, but tonight when he was on his way out the door, I thought ... welp, I'm gonna do nothing and love it. So, I did my favorite kind of nothing with a holiday twist ...

= Happy Kate [That's right ... I watch non-horror films, too.] 

I can't decide whether it's sad or awesome that I'm drinking wine out of my Santa mug. In any case, I have a stack of [fashion/food/history] magazines from October and November that I've neglected, 4 new Christmas Zombee Candle scents to name and a couple of knitting needles that haven't been touched since June. Time to settle into the season with a night of never leaving my bed unless I have to pee or get more wine! 


  1. By definition Santa mugs are never sad. Is it sad I'm responding to your blog from bear's? Perhaps. :)
    P.S. Where did you get the a-mazing looking popcorn??

  2. My favorite way to spend nights alone (pre-preg of course) was to pull out the wine, order up some sushi and watch a movie.

    It's so satisfying to have some nice down time.

  3. Oh my. That sounds like my idea of an AMAZING Saturday night.

    I am dying to learn to knit. I taught myself a couple of basic stitches a few years ago, but I never got much further than that.

    All the crafty s--t I do and I can't even KNIT? I must rectify this inconsistency immediately.

  4. Yes, down time is my favorite!

    The Christmas Crunch is from World Market. I got addicted to Pumpkin Crunch last month ... turns out they make a Christmas version!

    I want to start a knitting circle! I'm not very good at all, but it is relaxing and my goal is to one year make all my Christmas presents for people! This is not that year, however ...


    also, I'd join your knitting club but I'd bring the average skill level way down.

  6. Little Women is a family favorite in the Hudson house! My sisters and I picked parts and pretended we were them. Ohhh it makes me so happy!