Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lazy Ass

Oh, crap. I suck at living a productive life this week. I think I'm just suffering the backlash of October's busyness and a wicked case of post-Halloween depression. The weather has changed, finally, so I have that to look forward to. But, Brandon and I have this habit of waiting until the very last minute [i.e. nearly freezing to death] before turning on the heat for fear of jinxing ourselves into another heat spike. Honestly ... I hate it here. I love the city [perfect size] and the people [what up, 318!?] but I just can't handle having horrible weather all the time.

I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where there are four very distinct seasons marked by the appropriate time frame, weather and layers of clothing. When I moved here, I don't think I realized until about the 3rd year that we were still wearing flip flops in November. As an adult, I absolutely refuse to wear tank tops, shorts, sun dresses and flip flops/sandals past August. It is just ridiculous. I have a mantra to get myself through each horrid summer that lasts until November ... "I dress for the season, not the weather." Now that it has finally caught up, I wont be the only person in boots and long sleeves at work.

Bitching aside, I love Louisiana. I don't think there is anywhere else short of Italy where I would be encouraged to consume this much salt and cook everything with peppers. No one cares about digestive systems here, its great.

Moving on ... I have about 50 pages of homework to make up thanks to missing so much school in October and all I want to do now is watch Christmas movies, plan my Thanksgiving spread and read my stack of junk fiction that I've been putting off for two months. Is that too much to ask? If the weather keeps, I'm going to make my delicious homemade chicken noodle soup this weekend. Brandon likes to call it my "four hour soup" ... I don't think he likes the wait.

Now, here is Don Draper ... describing my thoughts this morning upon waking up naturally at 6:00 ...

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