Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I ♥ Crazy

I want to be her.
 I also plan on getting my favorite seamstress to make this dress for me. I just need to find
 some antique curtains.


  1. We need to form a Helena Bonham Carter Fan Club.

    Not only is she an AMAZING actress (as well as a pretty darn good singer, which surprised me a little), she's just such an ORIGINAL person.

    And to tell the truth, I carry a soft spot in my heart for celebrities who are unafraid to play the Batshit Crazy card on the red carpet.

  2. That dress is so effortless and cute!
    That neckline would look great on you, grrlll

  3. Yes, Kelly! I totally agree ... I've been obsessed with her since Room With A View ... which also started my Maggie Smith obsession! Her face is flawless and her acting is genius.

    Thank you, Cookie. I love the neckline as well. And the fact that it is definitely corseted!

  4. Her portrayal of Bellatrix Lestrange is what sent it over the top as my favorite HP character. I like characters that are a little bit evil and bat shit crazy. She's got crazy face down pat.