Friday, November 12, 2010


Errrrrbody wants my jacket! Just kidding, I'm sure these celebrities win the contest of "who wore it first" since I've worn mine twice because it's still 80 degrees every day. [note to self : damn & curse mother nature] I also think all of these people wear it better than I do, but that is neither here nor there. The point is, I've found a perfect jacket for this season. Light leather, which means it can be layered and the envelope collar ensures you don't look like a man when sporting it with jeans. I pair mine mostly with leggings or a long black skirt. I'd say my fashion inspiration for this season is definitely The Craft.

Miss Berry's is the one that looks most like mine. Miss Swift's seems to have elastic paneling on the inside of the arms and Miss Watt's looks to be crinkled or something similar.

I got mine at Target during the summer, when they were putting out pre-Fall goodies, but they don't have it anymore! Ah! VS has something similar, as does Macy's


  1. That jacket is very fabulous. It looks way more comfortable than my leather biker jacket with all the obnoxious zippers and sharp edges to cut myself on.

  2. i LOVE your jacket! it is pretty sharp, though. you must be carfeul, cooks.