Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Neon Cheetah ♥

Yeah, girl! Do you ever feel like you want to just dance around with your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper from 3rd grade, but not in public for fear of being labeled a Katy Perry fan? [yikes!] We might just be kindred spirits, then. I took a break from watching re-runs of Shark Week [hell yes] to take pictures of my obnoxious new nails. And by obnoxious I mean amazing!

Thanks, Heather! a.k.a. Whyte Spyder


  1. My cuticles are finally looking like normal instead of like some rat creatures been chewing on them! so, that means I am going back for more of those suckas!

  2. That is no easy task. Congratulations. I want to go with you! We can clean the place out!

  3. I went back and cleaned them out of pink leopard! They had some clear leopard and other funsie ones but they weren't on clearance so I got pink and star ones!