Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keira Toothley

Before I get started ... let me say that "Keira Toothley" is a compliment. I have tiny teeth, I hate it. My Mom is toothy. I've always wanted that ... I really like it when a girl looks like she has too many teeth, like maybe she can't close her mouth all the way or even attempt to whistle. It thins out the face and makes for great pictures and I get the feeling that she never chokes on food because those chompers can get just about anything down. Now, let's talk about this ...

This outfit is getting criticized and I have no idea why. I mean, this works ... there are so many reasons why. We have here what appears to be demure and nearly prudish in cut, but the sheer fabrics, perfect fit and lack of ridiculous accessories make this a dream outfit for a winter's night out. The top almost looks like a burnout, boat-neck tee from Delia's that she's had for years, which I'm sure it isn't, but it's all about the finished look, right? I could wear that skirt every day of my life. Well, every night of my life, I guess. The fabric is sheer and a bit sparkly with a heavy trim of black at the bottom. Can you see her legs peeking through!? So great. The top of that skirt is pleated which makes me think the fabric is some sort of glittery organza I can only dream about wearing one day since the pleats don't fall as they should, but puff out when the seam stops. I happen to know she is comfortable because I have a skirt just like that [made out of boring tan linen] so the smile she has is more than likely genuine. My favorite part of that skirt is imagining her sitting down in the back of a limo on the way to this event, all puffed up and fabulous. Man, I'm so jelly! Perfect almond toed shoes; I'm hoping they're suede, I'm positive they have a platform. And Keira is practicing one of my favorite past times ... pulling your long sleeves over your fingers a la an angst-y Jennifer Love Hewitt in Party of Five.

The LV 2010-esque length [and cut] of the skirt, the platform pumps, the hair, the toothy, non-made-up face ... all of it. Also ...

If I ever get thin [and stupid-pretty], I'm doing this to my hair. Mark my words!


  1. 1. You ARE stupid pretty!
    2. I agree about pretty much everything you said... my first thought when I saw the skirt was that it's a bit long ad prudish but the sheerness works for that!

    once again, you're a genius!

  2. Thanks, gurlfran! I figured you would get the part about the limo, too. I love lounging in fancy-wear and this skirt would be awesome to sit and sip scotch in. Make me one! :) ♥

  3. I have to agree, I LOVE the outfit. And I think we could both pull it off. You are pretty!

    p.s. it makes me mad your comment thing won't let me list my blog url. hmph. :)

  4. Good ol' Blogger, eh? Sorry Jessica, and thank you!

    Hope you can come to the Maker's Fair this weekend!

  5. 1. As a toothy girl myself, this means more to me than you know.

    2. You're hot.

    3. And you have AMAZING taste in clothes.

    4. P.S. I'm SO HAPPY the Maker's Fair gets a second weekend!

  6. I would live in that skirt as well. That is an amazing outfit.