Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Couple of Ideas

I'm thinking of finally doing the shoe-post. I can't decide if I should just randomly place shoe posts or do a massive shoe-post where I show you all of them at once! I kind of like the "shoe of the day" idea. Maybe I could keep that up. But honestly, if I can't stay on a diet of ANY kind, I'd probably never be able to keep that up, so it would be more like a "shoe of the ... week-ish" type thing. Any ideas? Does anyone care about shoes? Anyway, I'll try and take good pictures and be as descriptive as possible and include the brand and year I got them. Fun!

Leopard suede flats, Mossimo, Fall 2008 
[Conan O'Brien show in Austin w/Christie earlier this year ... ]

Fluorescent Orange almond toe pump, Colin Stuart, Fall 2009

White, pointed toe, BCBG Spring '05 
For the record, I do NOT endorse white shoes after labor day. Yes, I am ridiculous and old fashioned. This is an old picture.

My other idea is to style a few of my attractive friends for a series called ... oh, right; I haven't decided what to name it. But basically, my plan is to take said friends [one at a time] thrifting for vintage or used goodness wherever we can find and come up with a completely acceptable and perhaps even innovative outfit.

My first victim will be Miss Cookie DuBois who just happens to be perfectly shaped and already good at digging for great fashion finds. I'm pretty excited! We plan to get started after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned! 


  1. Love the orange pumps!

    Can you style a pregnant woman? ;)

  2. I would love to, Jessica! That sounds fun, especially since I'm trying [or not preventing] to be in your glowing, motherly state in the future. Fun! After I get the first one done and posted we can set yours up. :)

    And thank you, Kelly!

  3. You do always have fantastic shoes!

    I'm looking forward to this style blog... I'm going to look ten times classier than I normally do!

  4. I am STILL jealous over the orange shoes, dammit.

  5. Cookie does have a gorgeous look about her, great for vintage styles. Jealous much as the best friend? Only a little.. haha
    I would love to see what you come up with. I know we don't really know each other well, BUT you seem like a rather awesome and interesting person. Good luck and let me know if you need any help!