Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh, right ... my blog!

So, for the five or so [wonderful, beautiful and intelligent] people that read this blog ... I'd like to apologize for my absence. I've been a bit busy ...

Yay! We're expecting! Baby Hesson will be here in June [due on my birthday which is also our wedding anniversary!] so we've been a little bit busy for the last few months. Totally excited, totally terrified, it's been fun. I plan to write here about our nursery transformation as well as some other mama-centric stuff, but I promise not to turn the blog into a dumping ground for Winnie the Pooh-themed gifs and maternity rants on why EVERYONE should do things EXACTLY the way I did. I find both of these things equally disturbing not to mention rampant on the internet.

Our bundle is what they call a "Rainbow Baby" which sounds so wonderful and sparkly, but has a deeper meaning. In 2011 we suffered a miscarriage which was ... well, terrible. We were about 10 weeks along when the doctor told us there was no heartbeat and the baby had stopped growing. [Thank goodness we hadn't told friends, just family!] To make matters worse, my body hadn't realized this, so I remained "pregnant" for a few weeks after that, waiting each day to see if I would physically miscarry or not. Talk about depressing! Finally, my doctor prescribed me some medicine that was meant to kick-start the process and let my body know that I needed to move on. This was Thanksgiving weekend, mind you, as well as the weekend my parents packed up and moved from Alexandria, La, 1 1/2 hours away to Andalusia, Al, 9 hours away. [As I type this, I don't know how I dealt!] To make things extra shitty, the medicine didn't work and I ended up having to have surgery to complete the miscarriage in December. Such a nightmare! Honestly, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Soon after, I decided I was barren and we should never try again. [Brandon did not feel this way, at all, but he let me have my moment without fuss.] This feeling stuck around for awhile and later in 2012 we just decided not to try, but just not to prevent. [Do with that information what you will.] In late September, I spent an entire week thinking I had some kind of illness due to the metallic taste in my mouth and my inability to function at an acceptable rate in school. Turns out, I was pregnant ... again. Mixed feelings best describes that day. Needless to say, we waited until I was about 22 weeks along to tell anyone. I have to say, it was the best thing ever, having our little secret. It was an incredibly special time for us. We were honest with ourselves about the possibilities of having to go through the miscarriage nightmare again, but remained positive and decided not to stress out.

So here we are ... I'm in my third trimester and having a great time so far. With the exception of a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, a mysterious beast which deserves it's own blog post, I have had the most miraculously easy pregnancy. Barely any weight gain [being plus-sized helped me displace rather than gain], no sickness, no mood swings, no ravenous cravings ... I feel like the mother of all Earth! I feel like I should always be pregnant! This is how it's supposed to be and I'm so completely thankful that I can barely contain myself. Also, that kind of makes me scared to tempt fate and do this again! We shall see ...

Thanks to those of you who keep up with Hesson Haus. I hope baby stuff doesn't nauseate you and I promise to keep posting about shoes and food and Halloween!


  1. You look stunning. I'm so sorry to hear about the trials you've been through with pregnancy, but so happy to hear that this baby is being kind to your body. I can't wait to see a million photos of your gorgeous babe! (I think it's almost impossible for me to get nauseated looking at baby photos). :)

  2. I tried to comment the other day but my phone was acting up...I lovelovelove these pictures! Beauty!!!