Monday, April 1, 2013

Steak! ♥

More food, yes. So I've been on a beef kick lately. I didn't eat a lot of beef before I got pregnant, but I find myself craving it in my third trimester. Must be this giant baby I'm carrying around! I got some beautiful sirloin steaks at Gucci Brookshires last week and decided to be minimalist about things for once. I simply diced them up, lightly seasoned the chunks with S&P and a little olive oil drizzle. I served crispy veggies on top. I like to cook asparagus in olive oil, minced garlic, lemon juice and pepper. I'm in a can't-stop-wont-stop situation with asparagus right now, so it's in everything. Peppers have always been my favorite vegetable. I like them crisply cooked or grilled, so this worked out lovely. I cooked the steak first and then added the veggies, cooking the asparagus lastly, since they're huge and don't like to party with others very well. It took about 20 minutes! Simple and easy ... and great for my blood sugar! 

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