Saturday, May 21, 2011

Granny Chic

Bestie Hillary and I have recently realized that there should be a name for our particular brand of lifestyle. Granny Chic is the new craze! Well, not really ... but like everything else I start liking, this will probably catch on and become ruined by internet memes and hipster doofuses. [I may be a self-hating hipster ... but I'm no doofus!]

I've seen a few different themes on Granny Chic on some really great blogs, mostly pertaining to home decor or fashion, but I think that I'd like to dub this the first time this great little title has been given to one's demeanor or specific penchants. I like naming things! Not everything needs a label, but I enjoy it. I think it started years ago when my sister and I used to try and describe the way we liked to dress. I dubbed her "Modern Romantic" and she dubbed me "Hitchcock Rock."

So, what makes someone Granny Chic? Well you most certainly must be able to sew/knit/crochet or all three. I knit and sew some; Hillary is a wiz with crochet! Beyond that there are definitely a few more lifestyle choices that you could attribute to your Granny Chic-ness, such as ...

The Granny Parts ...
drinking loads of hot tea [electric pot next to the computer, much?]
a severe addiction to murder mysteries [Poirot, Miss Marple, etc.]
own a wardrobe full of tights and cardigans [I have serious cardi issues, I have at least 30]
never going "out" unless it is absolutely necessary [honestly, why go out when you can have drinks and food and friends at home?!"]
a complete knowledge of most card games
an active and seemingly overused library card
craftiness is also a must! [I call it hobby-whoring, but I like to keep the creative juices flowing!]
reading cozies, themed  mysteries & presidential biographies almost exclusively
cooking nearly everything from scratch, for funsies!

What Makes it Chic ...
killer heels, and lots of them
pencil skirts [not mermaid skirts posed as pencil skirts by online boutiques! skank-ay!]
smelling like cloves and cinnamon
cat-eye make up, every day
being ladylike with out being girly
favoring the bun over the ponytail

So ... are you Granny Chic? If so, lets sit in a craft circle sometime and talk about our new shoes & handbags over a cuppa tea.


  1. I love granny chic, and think I fits me pretty well.

  2. Okay....let's see.
    I loves me some hot tea. Plantation Mint, Constant Comment, Earl Grey & English Breakfast Tea are my favorites.
    I prefer my murder mysteries in book form. Actually I prefer most things in book form. Which is also why I have to get a new library card about once a year because mine gets worn out and cracked.
    My cardigan addiction is starting to get into 'intervention' territory. For example, I have 5 different black cardigans alone...and about 40 total so far. (I am currently looking for a neon yellow one.)
    I can't see a Hobby Lobby or Michael's without going in and buying way more than I need to. It doesn't matter that it might not get used for a year...but it will get used. Probably.
    I own WAY TOO MANY pairs of heels. The crazier, the better, actually.
    I dig the cat eye makeup but am really horribly terribly bad at it.
    My huge purse addiction is out of control.

    Do I qualify? :P

  3. You are DEFINITELY Granny Chic! I actually thought about you when I was doing this post ... since we're so much alike, I assumed you would agree with our new title. Eeek!

    Stop living so far away! haha.