Thursday, May 26, 2011

Save the Date!!

Hillary and Rue sent out their save the dates! Just when I was about to start hounding her about getting stuff together for save the dates, Hillary said "no, you can't help with  these, I want them to be a surprise!" So glad I wasn't "in" on these ... I was very pleasantly surprised by their awesomeness. Not too surprised, though ... I mean, Hillary and I practically have the same brain ... hers just comes with whatever makes people nice.

I'm not going to rant ... but seriously - stop sending out magnets!!! They were a great idea at one point, but like most other trends, they have worn out their welcome. I'm over it. Everyone has been over it for quite some time, trust me. Okay, that's all. Now enjoy these beauts ...

I know what you're thinking ... "she only likes these cause they're the blackest blackness ever" which is totally true, but honestly ... these are so beautiful! Hillary lined the envelopes with velvety damask paper and they took the time to seal them with wax and stamp a love poem on the front. Teamwork, folks ... that is love.

A save the date has two purposes. 1. To ... save the date, duh. And B. To give a sneak peek to the feel or theme of  a wedding. As I am "in" on everything else, I can say that these express the elegance and timelessness of their upcoming New Orleans wedding. Take that, magnets!

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