Friday, March 16, 2012

Witchy Pumps ♥

My newest loves [well, not the newest ... I went shopping today!] are so witchy!! ♥ They're matte grey with a big fat grosgrain ribbon on the toe. My second favorite part has to be the thick heel. They're so comfortable because of that heel. Big girls like myself need support and this heel is definitely strong enough for me to run around in without tip-toeing like I can't walk in them [pet peeve!] They remind me so much of the Louis Vuitton pumps from the Fall 10 collection. Mostly because they're exactly like them!! The one bonus is that these come with a golden spiderweb on the bottom. Can you imagine a more perfect shoe for yours, truly!? I nearly fell out in the store when I turned it over to see the royal purple bottom and a damn spider web. Uh!!!! Yes!!!!
Okay, I'll calm down now ... 


  1. The "....and a damn spider web" part made me snort, so thank you for that. :)