Saturday, February 25, 2012

Carrot Top ♥

I hate that the first thing people think when you say "carrot top" is that over-roid-raged mediocre comic, when they should be thinking of Lucy or Joanie from MadMen. Hah. In any case, I've dyed my hair! Whoo! I couldn't decide between blonde and red, so when I arrived, we talked it over and did a test strip. It seems that my hair chose for me. Cookie and I spent the day at Chemistry Hair Salon here in Shreveport and the end result was great!


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!! So happy with the end result. [I'll have some non-iPhone pictures to post soon!]

My experience at Chemistry was really great. I'm glad to say that after a few years of shopping, I've finally found a great group of people to trust with my locks.  Bryan and his team have a great vibe in a comfortable and easy going space. You really get the feeling that they're all really eager to learn and try new things as well as master the skills they already possess. I've been to several salons over the years and I can definitely say that Chemistry has been my most positive experience.  [& thanks to Cookie for hanging out with me through the transformation! Billy Zane would be proud!]

My fabulous new hairstylist Aubre did such a great job and put up with me for an entire afternoon, which is a feat in of itself. I'll definitely be bugging many of you to go see her! I've got some referral cards, so let me know if you're looking for a new look for Spring and I'll point you in the right direction.


  1. LOVE IT. LOVE!!! Halloween fierce! Really suits you. I definitely need to do something with my hair, at least a cut if not a color, so refer me away!

  2. yay!! Thank you!! I have Aubre's card with a discount on it, too. So, let's go see her again soon!!

  3. SOOO PRETTTY! I love the red on you!! I am in serious need of a professional touch to my hair.

    1. Thank you!! Let me know if you want to go see Aubre ... I have a $20 off referral card you can have!!

  4. Chemistry is such an awesome place and they do a great job! Ever since Hallie became my go-to girl a year ago, I haven't used the bottle or scissors on myself - a huge change for me! Aubre is a sweetie and did such an amazing job! Looks great!

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