Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stellaaaaaaaaaaa! ♥

I'm such a fan girl for Stella Rose Saint Clair. Besides having wonderful personal style, she's an amazing milliner! [I hope to own a velvet spiked turban someday!] You should definitely visit Confessions of a Female Drag Queen and experience true personal style for yourself.

Style is something that is really important to me. My outward personal style is dark, often monochromatic-based with a pop of color and usually consists of one statement piece. Looking inwardly, I'm often drawn to decadence. Louis XIV is my number one style inspiration. I have boards dedicated to him in the fort and I always find myself tracing certain style elements back to him.  Big names that inspire me constantly are Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Vivienne Westwood, Louis Vuitton & Lanvin  Being a Gemini, always needing that balance, I also tend to gravitate toward Celine, Calvin Klein & Alexander Wang.

Cookie DuBois, a dear friend of mine who champions the cause of finding one's personal style, can be credited with introducing me to Miss Saint Clair. Cookie and I scour the internet in search of unique personal style. We share the belief that fashion is art and that you can create art with just about anything. Of course it would be nice to be able to shop all of my favorite designers, but just because I can't doesn't mean that I can't be fashionable. This is where personal style really gets interesting. I don't enjoy blogs that show girls buying brand names, arranging them in an obvious fashion, etc. I really like to see someone find a statement piece or a vintage piece and watch what they can do with it. Creating an outfit with one or two quality pieces arouses my style senses much more than seeing someone spend $10,000 of daddy's money on a designer gown.

I often find myself wondering how I can show appreciation for what/who I'm thankful for, I think that life is about balance and showing appreciation balances my life in the best way. Stella is amazing. To show my appreciation for the inspiration, I've created a Zombee in her honor. "A Rose Named STELLA" hearkens to New Orleans [namely a drunken Stanley K.] while evoking a decadent, floral mixture worthy of Miss Stella. Wrapped in a gorgeous color I've dubbed "StellaMint," this Zombee is sure to make you think of playing dress-up on a warm spring afternoon ... and don't forget the glitter!!

Stella showed some love for ZC on her amazing blog! I had my little fan girl moment and it was marvelous! I can't thank her enough for her support. 

Thank you so much, Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [sorry, I can't NOT do that].

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