Monday, July 26, 2010

Breakfast for Supper

I'm officially sick. I hate getting sick; it almost never happens. In light of my sore throat and headache, I thought I'd do something simple for supper ... breakfast!

I don't really have recipes for breakfast food, [except my southwest style scramble, I'll post that one of these days] since eggs are kind of something you just prepare according to how you feel. I wanted fried eggs today, so that was super simple.

I use thick cut, peppered bacon. My best tip for bacon prep is to cut the entire package in half [I actually don't even open it correctly, I just chop it right in half and pull the pieces out. There are two reasons for this. 1. The half-length makes for perfect BLTs. 2. Brandon likes the fat end of bacon, I like the meatier end. So, this way I can cook just the fatty ends a little and make my meaty ends super crispy! Don't forget to add Tony's and garlic powder, if you plan to follow my instructions. This bacon will kick you right in the ass after its peppered, Tony'd and garlic'd.

I usually strain most of the bacon fat out of the pan before I start on the eggs, but I never scoop out what I call the "giddins" ... they make eggs delicious. I chop up 1/2 an onion and 1 small bell pepper and add that along with a 1/2 clove of minced garlic to the grease from the bacon; just let that cook while you're frying the eggs. Everything in the same pan, I love it. Crack the eggs and throw them in on med-high. I like to poke the yolk to spread it out some; don't do this if you like them runny! Then I add some rosemary and parsley and a cheese [I like mild cheddar or muenster] to the middle once I have a good base then I do one fold, press for a few seconds before I serve them. The cheese will melt in no time and make for a nice surprise. If you like them "sunny side up," then obviously ... don't fold them. Scoop out the giddins and veggies and serve them on top. And as with any and all breakfast egg creations ... serve with Tabasco sauce.

Pancakes ... made simply from Bisquick recipe, except I add pecans and a dash of brown sugar. Also, a sliced strawberry and powdered sugar when I serve them.

Speaking of strawberries ... I love serving them with breakfast. It just works with the sweetness of pancakes and the tart orange juice.  I also like to serve coffee and orange juice on the table. The powdered sugar, strawberries, etc might seem extravagant, but this really is a quick meal, as long as you keep stuff like this in the house. Eggs are inexpensive, so is Bisquick and strawberries are usually pretty inexpensive as well! It just takes practice preparing them to get this type of thing done in about 30 minutes. Eggs can be prepared in several different ways ... all of which require practice.  Also, a beautiful serving platter is always a plus. I truly love setting a table and making every meal special. For the record ... I got the platter for $10 at Hobby Lobby ... whooo! ♥ Everything can be fabulous, even if you're poor. Hah.

Here are some pictures of how we do breakfast at the Hesson Haus. And yes, Brandon usually eats all of this and he is a 32" waist. I am quite jealous.

I serve everything on this platter!


cheese crumbles on top, here. 
Brandon usually likes them folded in, as in the instructions for optimum melty goodness.

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