Friday, April 8, 2011


Why hasn't anyone ever sampled this for a rap song? This jams ... hard. I kind of want to have it play on loop while I get ready every morning ... like when Cinderella's birds and mice help her get ready for her horrible daily life. I'm not oppressed like Cindy, so I guess Matlock will do, I only need something that makes me feel like a champ ... this is it.  Not only is it indubitably catchy [+10 for indubitably, right?] but it is a genuinely Southern trademark. Andy Griffith practicing law in Georgia in a big powder-blue suit? It's like seersucker, sweet tea, fried chicken and white guilt rolled into one! Who never watched Matlock at their grandparents house ... LIAR!! Stop denying it, you love it.

There are few things that can motivate a person like me [crazy] to do their taxes, work out, make and ship little Zombees and properly document said errands on the internet all in one day ... the Matlock theme is one of them. So, listen up, jam out, and get some shit done this weekend!

I love that it really starts to get funky when the black guy shoes up. Awesome. I had such a crush on him when I was a kid. That guy and Panthro ... I think I see a pattern! I think I'm going to start doing an "Inspirational Video of the Week" thing. It will be great, because it won't be awful stuff like "MattyBRaps" [how awful is that kid!?] but hilarious and relate-able stuff like ... jamming to Matlock for your common don't-wanna-get-out-of-bed blues that I seem to get every 72 hours. Yes?

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  1. that is some sweetly funky music. Just needs some bass!