Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stud Muffin

I never wear brown! I'm so excited to do a post about brown shoes, finally. My general rule is when brown is in order, wear navy. I just don't think my coloring is right for brown, so I stick to black and navy. But, today, I'm wearing a grey skirt, white tank and purple top, so I was digging around for some nude shoes when I came across these bad boys. That is the great thing about buying shit-tons of shoes for years and years .. sometimes you forget about them and it's like finding a $20 bill in your winter coat!!

These are too cute. I have a black pair of studded, pointed toe flats that I wear nearly twice a week, but I guess I just had to have these as well. I plan to wear them a lot this summer. The color is perfect; not actually too brown, but also not nude. They're a really pretty camel color and the studs are bronze rather than gold or silver, so they'll go with all my grey, white, cream, army green, navy, etc. really well. I actually have a great safari style dress [you know, cotton, 3/4 buttoned sleeves with a drawstring at the waist] that these are going to go so great with! I just have to find it. They'll even go with black, but let's face it ... I've got plenty of black to go with my black. ♥

Yes, I need a tan ... I'll be sunning at the beach soon, so my pictures won't be so abrasive!

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