Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Zombees! ♥

I have so many new, bright and fun scents! I'm loving Pineapple Burlescapade and Sweet St. Charles the best, I think. I'm planning a Friday the 13th Candles & Cocktails party for May. I'm really excited! I'm not sure if it will be in Shreveport or Alexandria, yet. It really just depends on who shows the most interest.

I'm also gearing up for the Maker's Fair here in Shreveport. Tell everyone! I participated last October, it was so much fun. Live music, food and crafts for sale of many varieties. The great thing about the Maker's Fair is that to have a book ... you have to MAKE your items. It isn't commercialized crap. I bought a lot of art and some jewelry, too. My Zombees did really well, too. The date is April 30th and it takes place downtown. You can find more information at

 I'll definitely be giving free Zombee Kisses to anyone who makes a ZC purchase! I've made some little hearts, too. [above] I just realized I haven't really given a description of the new Zombees, so here is a list of my newest scents ...

Sweet St. Charles - powerful, bright and citrus-y! This is a really strong scent that is great for the Spring and Summer. It is mostly lime scented, but I've added a few extra oils to sweeten it up! I've made this one a bright, Springtime green.

Pineapple Burlescapade - [best name ever, my sister thought of it!] super-duper sweet! This scent is really fruity, pineapple, cherry, a little vanilla and some lemon & lime. Kind of smells like a summer cocktail! It is bright orange, too which is so fun.

Charme de Lune -I know I will keep this one around all year 'round. "Moon Spell" smells like patchouli and geranium. I'm not a big lover of patchouli by itself, but I like the base it provides for smoky, sexy scents. This one is a winner! This one comes in a gorgeous navy blue color.

Betty Bleu - I love, love this one. Oddly enough, it is a blueberry scent and I still love it. I'm not a huge blueberry fan [unless in muffin or pancake form!] but when I added some sugar and vanilla scents to it, it smells just like blueberry cobbler! Ah! This one is also dark blue.

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  1. So jazzed for this! I'm going to be ordering about a hundred of the Charme de Lune! Love you!