Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning

This is serious business ... time to sort!

The losers ... [booo]

The winners ... [yaaaay!]


And that is the conclusion of Spring Cleaning in my house in any form. I have a severe aversion to hyper-cleanliness, seriously ... shit is everywhere. Not actual shit ... I just mean I have so many freaking pairs of shoes and more clothes than a house full of Olsen twins. Not to mention the forty billion books I have and the not-so-secret room full of every conceivable manifestation of Halloween. Every single time a relative comes over, they offer to clean my house. I'm not insulted; I get it, I'm messy ... whatever. I'm not DIRTY ... that is just nasty. Everything is totally clean, there is just not anywhere really great to put it! I need an armoire and about 12 chests of drawers. Let me know if you're looking to get rid of anything ...

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