Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Bossier Butterface

Someone needs to tell the woman [or man] singing this song to SIT DOWN and KNOCK IT OFF!! Is she really singing the letters LOL and making hand gestures a la "2 Legit 2 Quit"?! I love that she is breaking this song out like "LOL" is something new and exciting that she just KNOWS is going to catch on ... its 2011, no one even types "lol" anymore! I'm not L'ing oh L ... I'm crying and barfing ... what is the lingo/hand sign for that? I'm C/B'ing all over myself. 

So ... this is from Bossier, right? I mean ... I'm pretty sure I've seen this bitch driving her Tahoe to the Rock 'n Rodeo [where this was clearly filmed] to meet up with all her equally depressing divorced 30-something friends for ladies night so younger guys who tan and wear Affliction to make it seem like they're "buff" instead of fat can bang them in the bathroom and hopefully meet up later at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch wrestling.

I fully believe that this is what those women think they look like when they're standing outside Superior Grill on Saturday night at 7, waiting 2 hours for a table, wearing white eyeliner and sucking down those margaritas in hopes of snagging a "hottie" and making all the "haters" jealous. 

This is real life. This shit exists ... and it's everywhere.


  1. 43 seconds. That's how long I made it. Gross. As a Bossier-Ian, I will say not all of us are like that. I will work twice as hard at being a good person to counteract this crap.

  2. I was about to comment on how long I made it into the song but Ashlie beat me to it. I'm nauseous now.

    I also am feeling a guilt-like sickness for ever using LOL. That ends now. Never again.

  3. You're really going to have to stop showing me these things... I can't get them out of my head!