Friday, March 11, 2011

The Archives

I've been working in the archives at Noel Memorial Library on campus for a service project the History Club is doing. I'm utterly fascinated. I'm not entirely sure how much I'm allowed to say, seeing as how they are not public records, but I'm preparing coroner's files, so it's pretty morbid. This of course means ... I absolutely love it. The records go back to the 20s! I could definitely sit in the back of a library somewhere going through old files or cataloging rare books for the rest of my career.

This will probably be where I do my internship next semester, so I'm glad I'm getting a head start on all of that. The stuff I'm getting to look at has really opened my eyes to how dangerous the world can be, but also how short and precious life is!

I have once again, saddled myself with entirely too much this year. I think I thrive under pressure!

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