Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hell Yes, Forever!

This glorious majestic-ness is my dream wedding dress. It has been for about ... forever. Because even before Sarah Burton [of Alexander McQueen] designed it, I had always thought of a long sleeved wedding dress in cream lace. She just so happened to make my dreams come true a few years ago! Ashley Olsen wore it best in my opinion; her hair, minimalistic make-up and mega-dead lip color bring this hauntingly beautiful masterpice to its peak effectiveness.

RUMOR HAS IT that Miss Kate Middleton, soon-to-be Princess Kate [yes, I'll throw a party just so I can make that banner] has chosen this, or something similar for her nuptual ceremony to the charmingly balding Prince William. I say, have at it! And then, when Brandon and I have our re-wedding [we eloped!] I will grab my bouquet of black magic roses, hang that "All Hail, Princess Kate" banner and walk down the aisle with pride. You're [un]officially invited.

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