Friday, March 18, 2011

My Go-To Boots

I love boots, I really do! I wanted to post some more boots while I still have time. You know, before I get a tan and start showing off all my ridiculous sandals and peep toes! [definitely pedicure time ...]

Can you tell that I'm a little busy lately? I've been trying to post at least a couple times a week and that has been happening on the weekends mostly. The good part is my weekends are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! So, that leaves me plenty of time for HH goodness.

I've been working my thesis like crazy. I have a 20 minute oral presentation [no visuals or notes!] next week, so for the next few days I'll be walking around my house telling my cats and dog about the birth of Evangelicalism in the 18th century and how it became a uniquely American idea that shaped our nation's religious and social identity through fear and guilt. I think my pets might actually kill themselves this weekend!

In other news, these boots are amazing. I'm pretty sure I got them from VS, because I get a ton of my shoes there. I love that they are convertible, although I almost always wear them over the knee like this. These actually come just barely over my knee which makes them appropriate for all occasions. Actual thigh-high boots, which I'm not a huge fan of in heeled form are not appropriate for work, but these do just nicely.

I wear these with skirts, pants, tights, leggings, etc. The mid-heel height is perfect for all previously stated garments and social situations as well. I have a really high arch in my foot, so being flat on my feet all day is hell. These are really my favorite thing to wear when I'm running around town doing errands and stuff because the heel is high enough to please my arch and low enough not to kill my toes.

These are definitely what I would call a staple item. Don't build your wardrobe without them! And yes, I'm wearing red jeans! Whoop! Tomatoey goodness. Pair them with black boots and white flowy top to add softness  to the vivid color scheme.

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