Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite iPhone Pics

I recently hit my limit with iPhone pictures. Apparently, I've never deleted any! That isn't entirely true, but there are definitely quite a few that I keep around just to make me happy if I need a boost or a laugh. I am a pretty visual person, so I can usually stay pretty entertained that way. Here are a few of my favorites from this past year that I really love for one reason or another. I finally put them on my computer and I'm starting fresh with a new blank slate on my phone. Ah, changes ...

 No idea about the first one ... I think I just like the idea of taking snapshots of crap I spend money on. One day I'll either go "oh my god, I used to be able to afford Oreos" or "Jesus Christ, I was a poor bastard" ... I'm hoping for the latter. The tights are self explanatory : awesome.

Shreveport has a couple of really great pumpkin' patches. 
This picture is an instant mood-lifter for me.

I remember doing this and NO ONE being impressed with it on Facebook. Then I realized wow, this is my life?! ... so I quit Facebook.

 Christmas pictures always make me happy.  Not as happy as Halloween pictures, but Brandon looks great in a scarf and he usually wears one during the holidays & smokes his pipe. Swoon.

I know, this is bad. But, I love this damn picture. I "edited" it with a crappy iPhone app and then deleted it, so it simultaneously reminds me of the dangers of buying photo apps and why I should always be grateful for my decolletage.

I can't seem to let this picture of Buster go. He died this year, but he still makes me smile. 
The other is a picture of Salvatore Dante on the day I got him. He now sits in the Bug.

Can't wait to have my orange hair back! Currently looking for a colorist since mine moved to LA. 

I keep the bathing suit picture as a reminder to love my waist. Both pictures are from my trip to Cape Fear where I learned that people don't mind if I sing from the balcony after a few beers and that I need to live on the East coast at some point.

Brandon gave me an early Christmas gift and paid for a ridiculously priced ticket to watch 8mm with Nic Cage and Joel Schumacher. My hero and I bumped into each other because we both apparently wanted to sneak out in the middle of the movie to avoid a crowded bathroom. We talked, I nerded out and got a picture. Great night.

I love that damn "whole pie" picture. It honestly makes me laugh every time I see it! So weird.
Also, Moscato is a dangerous game. 

My first iPhone pic from Maui. The view from our balcony ... ahhhh. 

Brandon's face is priceless. It says, "Hey, weirdo." Ain't love grand ...

Still the best thing I've ever gotten from King's Antiques.

Prince Peter wearing Pop's scarf. 
One of the two tree paths at school. I walk this to get to the library every day. I love it so.

The pic on the left sums up my wardrobe the best. I keep it to remind me to continue to drink vitamin water and stay in school. Both do wonders. Also, fake bangs! hah.
 I can't bring myself to cut them, but they're cute sometimes.
Gorgo at the Farmer's Market. 


  1. A couple things-

    1. Where did you get your Halloween costume from a couple years ago? The striped dress one....

    2. You are I are freakishly alike sometimes. I've wanted a Bug for years & years. Sometimes I even want a convertible one....

    3. The tree path at your school reminds me of Oak Alley...a place I absolutely adore.

    4. Where'd you get the black swimsuit???

  2. 1. It is a custom made Victorian bustle dress! It's the real deal, too. Miles of fabric! You can probably find someone online to do it. I have an amazing seamstress here in town, you'd be surprised what you can find in your own city if you shop around for the right person. I get most of my dresses and important outfits tailored to fit me exactly, especially vintage stuff since it tends to fit "weird." I also like to have stuff completely made from scratch. It is nice to say that something is one of a kind! If you find the right seamstress, they can do wonders!

    2. I love Miss Willy! It was between her and a cream colored convertible, but I think the convertible would have been a bit high maintenance for me, plus I've always wanted black leather!

    3. Oak Alley sounds amazing!

    4. It's actually deep purple! I got it at Victoria's Secret last year. I'm so in love with it. Happy hunting!

  3. 1. My town doesn't even have anyone to make curtains:( I've had this amazing toile fabric for YEARS but can't find anyone to make me curtains:(

    2. I can't say that I wouldn't accidentally leave the top down on my make-believe convertible, or be that person who accidentally opens it while driving down the road, thus ruining the top....because I am quite accident prone.

    3. Oak Alley IS amazing. In fact, Old River Road (in Vacherie) is pretty much my dream. Massive plantations everywhere. Completely beautiful.

    4. Boo. VS doesn't carry my size swimsuit top. I've been searching for a non-granny one piece but thus far have had no luck.