Friday, July 1, 2011

Shrimp Enchiladas ♥

YUM!!! Double YUM!!! So, I've been not eating meat for about 3 weeks now. Not because I love animals or anything ... actually, I do love animals, they're quite delicious ... but just because I like to try and eat a bit lighter in the summertime. Its soooo hot out and I don't think adding the "meat sweats" is helpful. I made some really great enchiladas the other night. I thought I'd put a few pictures up if you wanted to give it a try.

A few notes ...

  • I make my own sauce, but any enchilada sauce will do, I'm sure. I  may put my recipe for sauce up here one day, but honestly ... I just make it. I've never really written it down, so I may need to add that to my "to do" list. 
  • The hotter the better, so add lots of green chilies and thicken things up with a mixture of simmered down veggies and fresh, crisp veggies as well. 
  • Dredge your tortillas on both sides before rolling up the enchiladas, you'll get a better flavor after it has been baking for awhile. 
  • When you think you've added too much cilantro ... add a bit more!
  • You can add a "normal human" amount of cheese or a "what the hell, seriously?" amount like we do. You're adding a couple hundred calories per 1/2 cup of cheese, so maybe throw in some 2% shred as well to lighten the load.

This is not product placement ... just a friendly recommendation. I love these damn pots/pans. 
They have lasted for years, through a LOT of cooking 
[also, experimentation with candy!] and were well worth the money. 
So, if you're shopping around, I suggest these.

This is what I mean by adding fresh veggies to the already simmered and perfected
sauce. That way, you get bright crunchy bursts of flavor even after they bake.

Yumsies! ♥


  1. YUM! I wish I was there to try that!That looks really good.

  2. Thanks! I [always] wish y'all lived closer. I'm constantly cooking too much. Good thing Brandon loves leftovers! Haha.