Monday, July 4, 2011

Watermelon Iced Tea ♥

So, I saw a recipe for some watermelon tea the other day. And, of course ... I decided to switch a few things up make my own! The original recipe didn't really turn out that great, so I'd like to think I've improved it a bit. This is really great for barbecues, light, summertime meals and even a cocktail. At the Farmer's Market, I saw a "tendersweet" watermelon ... orange!! I fell in love, of course. I found out they also call them  "yellow meat" watermelons, too. I think "tendersweet" sounds better, but I have to admit, I just call them "ohmygodHalloweenwatermelooooons!"

You'll need:
6 cups chilled green or white tea
2 cups watermelon puree 
1 cup pomegranate juice
2 cups cranberry juice 
 Splenda to taste [optional ...
... I liked it without, Brandon liked it better with the added sweetness]

Add it all together and enjoy over ice, or with some white rum  for a cool summer cocktail!

When you're done, you can make a fruit boat!! I've never made one before, so I was pretty excited. Just hollow out your watermelon, cut a zig-zag edge and freeze until you're ready to use. It will last a couple of days if wrapped. So fun!

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