Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maui Amour

I'm glad I can finally post pictures I took of Kim before she walked down the beautiful, sandy aisle to marry Tyler. I thought I'd take the pre-wedding pictures in black and white to capture the mood. Kim was the most calm and collected bride ever! We had a great afternoon getting dolled up and counting down the minutes to the ceremony. My favorite part was when she was being asked a few "what ifs," she responded, "oh, I don't care ... I just want to marry Tyler today!" Precious.

It was truly the most romantic wedding I've ever been to. Mostly because I only remember the two of them; no distractions, no pressure ... just love! So amazing. There was, of course a professional photographer [and videographer] there, but I snapped some shots while Kim was getting ready and a few right before the ceremony. You can really tell how happy she was! I switched to color for the last few; they were literally taken minutes before she became Mrs. Hicks and I couldn't resist the greenery growing on the stone wall you walk through to enter the beach. We were in Maui, on Makena Cove; a tiny, secret beach just before sunset. I am so glad that Brandon and I were able to be a part of this amazing moment.

Killer dress ... killer figure to put it on, too!

 This is happiness ... beautiful!

Beautiful bouquet!!

Perfect! She required no airbrushing, obviously. Not that I know how to do that ...

 My dear hubby helping her up the stairs! Definitely one of my favorite shots. Cant wait to frame it!

Mr. & Mrs. Hicks!

Bye!! What a cute patoot!!


  1. Love how Brandon is holding your purse. Your friends' dress is AMAZING!!

  2. He is precious. Her dress is really awesome. I thought it looked like she was wrapped in clouds. Get this; she bought it off the rack! That never happens! Fit her like a dream. I was there when she bought it, I just couldn't believe we walked out of the store with it that day!

  3. You are great at taking photos! And you're right, she's gorgeous!


  4. Thanks Jessica! It is the camera, not me, I swear. I mean, if your subject is this pretty, there isn't much to do beyond point and click. :) I had a blast though!

  5. Just read this again, and got a little teary eyed. I am so glad you were there to witness (and capture) the happiest day of my life.