Tuesday, October 19, 2010

None of this makes sense ...

I have new followers! Thanks! I'll try and be more clever and fun so it is worth it. This week, I am taking my little Zombees to A Very Merry Market in Alexandria. After that I'll be draped in pink for Christie's wedding on Saturday and more than likely hungover on Sunday. If I can make it through all of this, I promise to become more interesting as a blogger. I have some great ideas lined up including a shoe showcase and a series of style blogs where I shop for some pieces and style my friends for blog pictures. I'm really excited about that. And then there is always Halloween!  I'm so excited about the party!

Here are some things inspiring me lately ... and yes, even my BED is Halloween-ie! ♥


  1. Petey is very cute there!
    and your shoes look so sassy and so does Johnny Depp

  2. the captcha I just had to type said "poocid"

  3. you are such a poocid!!!!!! hahhaa