Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maker's Fair!

Live blogging from the Maker's Fair in downtown Shreveport!

If you're in the area, come see us! We are the booth that smells the best, so follow your nose!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bachelor Girl!

I was honored with the opportunity to write a guest post on today which includes a giveaway, so stop by and check it out ... and comment ... and follow her blog ... and get me something to drink!! Sorry, I got a lil' bossy for a second there. But seriously, do everything I say ... I promise it will work out.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Advertising for Halloween ...

I had a lot of fun making these fliers [flyers?] for the party. I love the vintage playbills, so I just tried to copy a few that I found online. Spooky! I fully intend on bringing my Ouija board and witch cards to the party ... I need a little table to set up in case I have any takers. I cannot wait! Hope to see you there!

Maui Amour

I'm glad I can finally post pictures I took of Kim before she walked down the beautiful, sandy aisle to marry Tyler. I thought I'd take the pre-wedding pictures in black and white to capture the mood. Kim was the most calm and collected bride ever! We had a great afternoon getting dolled up and counting down the minutes to the ceremony. My favorite part was when she was being asked a few "what ifs," she responded, "oh, I don't care ... I just want to marry Tyler today!" Precious.

It was truly the most romantic wedding I've ever been to. Mostly because I only remember the two of them; no distractions, no pressure ... just love! So amazing. There was, of course a professional photographer [and videographer] there, but I snapped some shots while Kim was getting ready and a few right before the ceremony. You can really tell how happy she was! I switched to color for the last few; they were literally taken minutes before she became Mrs. Hicks and I couldn't resist the greenery growing on the stone wall you walk through to enter the beach. We were in Maui, on Makena Cove; a tiny, secret beach just before sunset. I am so glad that Brandon and I were able to be a part of this amazing moment.

Killer dress ... killer figure to put it on, too!

 This is happiness ... beautiful!

Beautiful bouquet!!

Perfect! She required no airbrushing, obviously. Not that I know how to do that ...

 My dear hubby helping her up the stairs! Definitely one of my favorite shots. Cant wait to frame it!

Mr. & Mrs. Hicks!

Bye!! What a cute patoot!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gothic Chic

"Stop decorating!" says dear husband. He loves it, really. Our house has been chaotic this October with all the out of town trips, so I didn't really get a chance to go crazy with the Halloween decorating. But I did get to decorate the fireplace mantle. I used stuff from around the house to create something I thought was pretty cute and just spooky enough. I always use the Ouija board and an owl or two. My favorite part? ... the dead roses! I bought my favorite [orange with red tips] a week before I decided to decorate and let them get good and dead. If you plan to do the same, make sure you water them and let them bloom fully to create a beautiful, gothic look. If you don't let them bloom, they die closed up ... so sad! I also really like to use real pumpkins in my mantle display. I do, however have a ton of fake-out pumpkins that I use elsewhere.

You're Invited!!

This year will mark our fifth annual Halloween Party!! I can't believe it!! I usually go pretty crazy for Halloween every year, but I'm pretty sure that I totally lost it this time ...

This year's event will be at the Randle T. Moore house on the corner of Kings and Fairfield. There will be live music, courtesy of Dick, Larry & Mick and a book signing by local authors of Historic Haunts of Shreveport.

I usually just make a fun flier, but this year, I decided to do some invitations. I did them myself, naturally. I think that I'm too crazy to let anyone else do it. I really had some different ideas going, but once I visualized it, I went to Michaels, got the stuff and finished them in one afternoon! I decided to hand address each of them and burn the edges of the address label for a fun, spooky look.  Enjoy! And tell your friends! We should have a pretty good turn out. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

No Pictures, Please ...

I really had a great time at the Lamoureux wedding this weekend. Pink everywhere! Haha. I was the pseudo planner, meaning I have no experience, but I begged to be able to help with the details, so Christie and I had a fun year putting everything together. It was very DIY! Needless to say, the bride was beautiful and so were her pink ladies! I have only one picture from the day, as I was quite busy. But, it is my favorite picture from any wedding ever ... and I have no idea why. I think it just captures the mood right before the big show. And I snapped it with my iPhone! You will not see pictures of me from this wedding. I was the largest bridesmaid by a good 50lbs, so I'd rather not relive the experience in pictures. Sorry!

Pumpkin Carvin'

Even with all the craziness October 2010 brought our way, Brandon and I had to take a break and have a pumpkin carving night with friends. We thought about taking Peter [the Corgi] to the pumpkin patch and taking pictures, but then we remembered he is a jerk and would probably chest bump the toddlers until they pressed charges on us. So, instead ... we got a few from Gucci Brookshires and they turned out to be perfect! Really, the most orange pumpkins I've ever seen! I think we did a pretty good job ...

For the record, putting a l'Automne Zombee in a carved pumpkin smells AMAZING!

A Very Merry Market

So, I took my little Zombees to market in Alexandria this past week. I have to say, it was really fun and I'm pretty sure I could do this for a living! There really are people that just travel the country with their products instead of having straight 9to5 jobs. I was romanticizing it, like I always do, until I realized ... I hate to travel!
Here are some shots of my Zombees on display! My favorite part was the cash register. I used to play "store" when I was a kid ... well into my pre-teen days, actually. So doing it for real was pretty awesome. I'm lame, I know.

Hubby and his beard.

Awww. Ready for their new homes!

 Met up with my swim buddies from high school! Memories!

Zombee Kiss!

Dog Tired

So ... it has been one helluva month! My two besties got married, my Zombees went to market and it is officially 6 days until HALLOWEEN! So, last night I actually thought I'd get a little sleep. I've been running on about 3 hours a night for the past two weeks, by the way.

So I go to crawl into my ridiculously comfy [and halloween themed] bed and Peter is not having it ...

I know this looks so cute, but he really would not get up! He growled at me! I ended up having to just take a few nips to the wrists as I picked him up and moved him down to the end of the bed.

He is spoiled rotten.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh, Blogger ...

What the hell!? I have been trying to jazz up my blog tonight while I wait on the candles to cool so I can load them up for the trip to Alexandria, but I cannot get it right! I really like the minimalistic view of just having the blog entry centered in the middle of the page, but then you don't get the "about me" section and I don't get to see my followers without scrolling all the way down! Crazy pants! I planned on getting a professional handle it, but I've been so busy, I haven't had time to work that out. Maybe I will have to give that another look ...

Hope this isn't too confusing! ♥

Spooky Grilled Cheese

So, how do you make grilled cheese fancy? A few years ago a friend of mine and I started to make these delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm pretty sure it was her idea to use pumpernickel and American cheese, but it has evolved over the years to Muenster cheese with fresh garlic and rosemary. Mostly because Brandon and I love Muenster and he grows rosemary for me, so it is always fresh. We have affectionately [inappropriately] named this sammie the "Dark Pump." And tonight I threw in a Halloween twist!

After buttering, garlic-ing and cheeeeeeesing both sides of the bread, I usually let it sit for a little bit on medium heat until the cheese gets nice and melty and then I slap 'em together and flip a few times to make sure I've got a good, cruncy-on-the-outside but gooey-on-the-inside sandwich. 

Tonight, I sliced them into dip-able pieces and served them with Lobster & Crab bisque. Adding the spookiness was easy! Just use cookie cutters to make a ghost or bat out of cheese or bread and plop it in just before serving. Too cute.