Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cookie's Doodles

Cookie likes to doodle. She'll periodically doodle a picture for me that is so hilarious and wonderful that I feel the need to show people. Usually, people don't know what the hell is going on, so I'll try and caption these for you, but ... I just really feel the need to put this out there in the world. 

 Collected works, including "Milk Steak" and what she wishes I wore for Halloween this year.

 She wrote down that she was going to "draw me in a  Blake's bear coat" to which I said "dragon in a baked beans coat?!" ... result above.

 This is what she was actually going for ... me wearing my TV boyfriend [from Workaholics] Blake's famous bear coat. "Bitch better have my honey!"

We were talking about camel toes ... Thanksgiving is next week. Shit happens.

The absolute best portrait anyone has ever drawn of me. Brandon loved it. He is going to keep it in his wallet like normal men who keep pictures of their wives in their wallets ... only better and infinitely more accurate.


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