Friday, November 25, 2011

Bonne Nuit ♥

I have 987,324 papers due next week. I always do this to myself ... I wait until the last minute because I genuinely feel like my work is better when I'm under pressure. But the whole time I'm staying up writing, eating shitty food while my ass falls asleep and I get distracted by everything ever on the internet, I'm thinking never will I ever wait this long to get my work done ... never, I say! I need a break, so here are some pictures I like to look at for one reason or another. [Marlon Brando gif for the win.]

^ for Carrie

^ for Zachary

Bonne Nuit ♥

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  1. Saw the Brando gif on a tumblr a few months ago. *sigh* It gets me every time...