Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Mourning

In case you were wondering ... I am, in fact, alive. Barely! 3 days before Halloween, in an unprecedented turn of events, I became ill! I rarely get sick, besides my insane intestines which choose to hate me from time to time. But, I got ... real, real sick. So, after my illness ruined my favorite day of the year, I had a couple of nice days before I got food poisoning. Dear God. I would not wish that on my worst enemy; and I have several people that I consider my enemy [because I'm 12] but I really don't believe anyone should feel that way. It kind of feels like you're about to die until you can finally fall asleep and then your body says "JUST KIDDING! Wake up! You really are going to die! Muwahahahbarf." I'm scared to eat turkey ever again in life. I also haven't cooked anything in two weeks and I lost 11lbs this weekend [yikes]. I'm turning into 19 year old Kate. This is bad news. But rest assured, I'll return to my pleasantly plump self and begin bugging you all about my newest recipes and shoes very soon.

So, now that I've dug myself out of all of that, with the help of my darling husband and some great friends, I have now realized that Halloween is over. So, now I'm depressed. Let us hope that Thanksgiving and Christmas can cheer me up enough to forget about my horrible Halloween!


  1. remembering thanksgiving is on us....stores have christmas decorations out already! glad you're feeling better :)