Monday, January 30, 2012

Molm ♥

So ... my Mom, [or "Molm" as we all say] is on eBay. I was Googling to see if I could find one of her records. My mother was a recording artist for Warner Bros. in the late 70s and she doesn't even have a copy of her own music! I'm pretty sure that even if I recorded my own song on a TalkBoy in my bathroom that I would have stock piles of copies just to brag when I'm her age. But, she always thought it was no big deal. So, when I went searching, I found her record on eBay as well as this ...
Isn't she the cutest!? I showed this to her and she laughed. Of course, I immediately thought about the stack of these postcards that my Dad has in storage. I mean, I can copy that signature, I've seen it my whole life! Let's make some money, y'all! But seriously, I'm really lucky to be able to have parents that gave a great example of fulfilling your dreams with hard work and passion. My Mom dreamed of being a singer, so she moved to Nashville and wrote and recorded music for years. Lucky for me, another one of her dreams was to be a mother to a big family! No family is perfect, and we've been through good and bad in our relationship, but my parents are truly amazing and it's because of them that I'm able to see the importance of doing what you love, making goals for yourself and striving to meet them. ♥


  1. How cool! I can't believe she doesn't have any of her own stuff?!

  2. I know, it's weird! She has always been totally uninterested in her own awesome-ness. haha. I'm making up for it by bragging for her.