Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spring Fling ♥

Yeah, girl ... 2012!! I've got some great pastels in mind for Spring. Lady Gaga might actually be right about the mint green craze ... I can feel it welling up inside me as we speak! I've created a little palate to inspire me below with a few things I own and/or plan to own for the Spring. Fashion is a passion! It is also inspiration for me to lose weight, so ... let's not discount the power of being bat-shit over something, not matter how silly.

Mint to Be ♥

Gloooooooooooorious mint!! I was inspired by my little Picker-Uppers book that I got from Francesca's a couple of weeks ago. I think that mint green goes lovely with camel and especially black and white.  A perfect color for the transition from winter into spring. The key to this color is making it sparse, but bold. Accessories are a great way to try out trends and as you all know, nail color is my go-to tester for color. I went through a mini-mint phase this past year [trend-setter, baby!] and I have to admit, it has come back full force. 

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