Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Fort

I think the best part about working from home is the atmosphere. Like now, for instance ... I look wicked hideous in my jams and cardi, but thats okay; I'm at home! I'm also working while watching Toy Story 3 and scarfing Flamin' Hot Cheetos. This is the life, my friends.

This is The Fort ... deemed such by my dear husband. When we moved into our old Highland home, Brandon  agreed to give me a room for my shoes. This room eventually became The Fort ... a place where every day is Halloween and skipping class counts as "being productive." The desk you see is made of book shelves from WalMart and the original door from the linen closet. The super-classy, pre-lit, white Christmas tree was given to me by an old friend [I begged for it] and creates a gorgeous glow in the evenings. The ceiling is bead-board  and there are 6 windows, lining the outer 3 walls. Its original function was quite obviously "sunroom," but I've modified it to "whatever the hell room." Other highlights include framed treasures, such as a Han Solo photo, as well as a love letter from dear hubby ... a candle-making set up that looks like a meth lab, my beachy wedding dress hanging [for some reason] on the wall, various inspiration boards, Halloween accoutrement and a handbag wall.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! One more day of school, then finals week. Pray to the brain gods for me ...


P.S. I ended up having to move the shoes elsewhere. You will never see pictures of that room ... oh, the horror.

P.P.S. Toy Story 3 is precious.


  1. I've always been super jelly of that room! I'd like to note that my favorite part about the room is the floorboards. They are absolutely gorgeous!

    Also, if you put a few handfuls of flaming hot cheetos into an empty hot dog bun and accompany that hot hotdog with a vanilla coke, it is pure heaven! Heaven!

  2. I love the color of that room and all the posters!

  3. thanks! The color is Dahlia by Eddie Bauer, if I'm remembering correctly. [5 years ago]

    I believe everyone needs a safe haven for creativity and meditation. even if that meditation is ... cheetos.