Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Besides the amazing Jack O'Lantern cauldron that my sis and bro-in-law gave me (which I plan to give his own blog post,) I'd have to say that my very favorite Christmas gift this year has been hearing the news that one of our dearest friends is getting married!! Hillary and my husband Brandon became friends a long time ago under the pretense of space rock [Bowie] and solitude [they're both back porch chatters] in the lost world of Bossier City. Later, Brandon would meet me in a bar and eventually confess to Hillary that I was "the one." Hillary, much like Brandon, is calm and collected and like water for my fire which is why she and I had no problem becoming best friends. 

Hillary has been dating the man of her dreams for a few years now, the last couple of which she has spent with him in L.A.! As sad as we often are that they aren't here to participate in silly Sunday fun, Corgi experiments and cooking/wine-fests, we could not be more proud of her for devoting herself to a meaningful and wonderful relationship with her boyfriend Rue, whom we just so happen to adore. Brandon and I have the honor of sharing maid/man of honor duties and we could not be more excited! I don't often gush, but I cannot help it ... these are the people we want on our team [marriage] ... those who truly love each other, take time to cultivate a loving bond that doesn't need to be defined, but just so happens to eventually have paperwork. I don't have faith in much, but I have faith that some people do truly love and cherish each other and among those rare couples whom we admire are the future Mr. & Mrs. Torres.


  1. That's so sweet. What a touching tribute.

  2. You are just the sweetest thang.
    And, I wish them the best. I have only ever heard great things about her.
    And they're a great looking couple.