Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wet 'n Wild

Sorry, I couldn't resist that title ...

These were quite obviously a gift. But, while I cringe at the Bossier-esque overuse of zebra print in every day life, these are pretty damn cute for a rainy day and surprisingly warm and comfortable. It is kind of like my thoughts on the fleur de lis ... honestly, the fleur de lis is a beautiful symbol that is truly unique to Louisiana in the US, but the minute someone emblazons it with rhinestones on their jeans and wears it to Wal-Mart, I want to avoid it at all costs. But, just like cardigans and cupcakes, I'm not going to let some idiot ruin a perfectly good idea.

Rainy day sass!


  1. "Bossier-esque"...I cannot WAIT to use that in conversation.

    I, too, love the fleur de lis, but I've had to ground The Guy's mom from buying us anything else emblazoned with one. It's starting to look like a gift shop in my living room.

  2. Oh my god, my friend Karla and I have had many a 'fleur' conversation. We've even got a "game" going where we point out every single freaking time a fleur is around us....which lately, they seem everywhere!

    I think my calves are too muscle-y for rain boots. I bought an amazing pair of rain boots from Coach, only to find out that I can't fit my jeans down in them:(

  3. I am fighting the good fight for the fleur de lis! Tacky ass people can't take that away from me, damn it. It's not like I have any clothes with them or anything, but I do have some gold stationery embossed with a pretty fleur de lis at the top and I buy housewares sometimes, especially as gifts because of the symbolism. But yes, Bossier is trying to ruin everything.

    I really want some Hunter wellies! I have chicken legs from the knee down which make all shoes look awesome which is why I only take pictures of my feet! Haha. People say I'm hard on myself about my looks, but I always say that I'm just being honest ... and then I assure them that I'm well aware of my perfect ears and tiny ankles.