Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pieces of Cheese

I  was going to entitle this post "Random Stuff", but like so many normal words, that one is nearly ruined. Then I was going to call it "Pieces of the Weekend" ... then I started thinking about that Asslee Simpson song, "Pieces of Me" and how I used to sing "Pieces of Cheese" when I heard it. So, there ya go. These are just a few iPhone pictures I was planning on posting over the last week or so but never did.

 "Strengtheneth" ...  !?!?!?!? This is real, not from a website ... I took this at the corner of Youree & Kings.

We call this "Fancy Ramen" ... add 1/2 can of hot Rotel and drizzle 2 beaten eggs over 2 packages of boiling  Ramen noodle soup. De-lish!

"Girls Night" cocktails. Pomegranate & cranberry juice with vodka and lime ... any excuse to set out the Owly pitcher.

My favorite new necklace. From Cookie!

Hot chocolate and Hitchcock movies got me through the night last night. I actually slept great, which almost never happens.

"Snow Day" ... I love how this city shuts down for this.

Feeling extra fabulous today ... Fantasia + 15ct green topaz in the shape of a heart + blogging = Happy Kate

Yay for DMC!


  1. Ramen is seriously one of my favorite meals. My mother-in-law gave me a cookbook for Christmas entitled 101 Things to Do With Ramen Noodles, which I'm enjoying immensely but is devastating for my waistline.

  2. I love that you celebrate Halloween all year long. The hot chocolate sounds like a fabulous idea!

  3. We used to make this weird concoction late at night (after drinking, before babies) - ramen, breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, basil and chili powder. Yum! Also, I firmly believe that people who can't spell have their own level in Hell.

  4. Posts with my name in them are my favesies! Even if you put a picture of that disgusting food (Ramen).

    I'm so glad we got a paid vacation day because of that tiny amount of snow! I used mine to lay around and watch Superjail! It was so good!

    I love your blingy ringy!

  5. I got my Fantasia last night too. I didn't order it, but DMC seemed to think that I needed it, so there you go.