Friday, January 14, 2011

Kimmie K ♥

I really love Kim Kardashian. Not because I think she is a role model or because I fervently believe that she may, in fact be the human form of Princess Jasmine [which I do.] I just think she is beautiful and I pretend that my hair looks like that when I daydream. I also love and totally buy into the Kardashian fantasy of painfully successful, impossibly attractive offspring of quasi-famous people turning into even more famous and even likable television celebrities. 

What fascinates and irks me about someone like Kim is her inability or refusal to accept that she is naturally beautiful and does not need to be dripped in Snooki juice every time she goes out just to be accepted. This is what I don't understand: why would you promote this ...

... when you already look like this ...

I mean ... HELLO!?! Her face is wonderfully symmetrical, her hair doesn't look like a wig here and the smile is absolutely precious. Someone probably just told her how much money she made in the last 24-hours, but still ... that is a genuinely beautiful girl.

Stop painting yourself with body glitter and spandex! Just walk around like this ... if your goal is to empower women [or secretly make them want to die of jealousy] ... this will do the trick. 


  1. She's a beautiful girl, to be sure, but she looks like a RealDoll in the first photo.

  2. Definitely my point. Such a waste for her to try and look like every other slutty girl in a club when she is so naturally striking.