Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I do not recommend over-the-knee boots for short people. There, I said it. I know that fashion is about expression and instinct, but it's also about honesty and putting your best foot forward. I know that as a tall person, I can't get away with wearing a mini skirt in the daytime without tights or I look like the Jolly Green Hooker, but a shorter girl can. I know that as a curvy girl, menswear tends to make me actually look like a man, rather than a casual and stylish woman, but on a thin woman, menswear is incredibly chic. To me, a  short person in boots over their knees usually looks like they're swimming in leather, playing dress up, or about to go fishing in chest-high swamp water. I am not trying to discourage anyone from buying these, I'm only saying that some trends are geared toward specific body types [monokini, anyone?] and some to others. That's generally what makes them trends; an inability to sustain itself as a relevant item for everyone to buy and wear.

Anyway, I picked these up at JCPenney last year and I've worn them quite a bit. I usually wear them with a long skirt, actually, rather than showing them off. They're really, really warm so these last few weeks have been perfect for running around in these. They are also perfect for my usual "murdered out" look that has sort of become my trademark. I like that these have the little pointed toes, they almost look western! These aren't my only pair of over-the-knee boots, [not] surprisingly. I have a heeled pair as well! I'm sure I'll blog about those little babies soon.

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  1. Indeed, I fantasize about over-the-knee boots, but at five-foot-nothing, that's a big NO.