Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spring 2011 Prêt-à-Porter MEGA POST!!

So ready to do this post!! I've logged some heavy time selecting my favorites from this season's ready to wear shows. A few things you should realize ...

1. This is going to be insanely long and detailed; I live for this stuff and the joys of being a blogger and having a little corner of the internet is being able to express and manifest fetishes in a healthy way. Basically, if you don't like fashion ... stop reading now!

2. There is a big difference in what you and I think is "ready to wear" and what this same term means to fashion designers. Basically, a RTW or prêt-à-porter line is ready to be sold in stores, as is ... or close to it. This usually means that the big, showy couture fashions are absent, but buyers for stores and celebrities can play shop and order right off the runway! This is my favorite type of show and often where I get inspiration for new clothes, etc. I actually have a journal that I write down to predict this type of thing each season ... 

I think I did really well this year; I predicted lots of nudes, menswear and mono-chromatic mayhem. I also predicted wedges and long skirts would eventually come back [although, admittedly I thought it would be next Fall]. But I wasn't all right; I have to say that the Africa stuff came out of nowhere and I could not have been more wrong about Louis Vuitton as well. I like surprises, so I don't consider this a defeat. 

I'm going to list a few favorites here and then give a "jump" that those of you who would like to hear me ramble and see shots from the heavy hitters can click on for more.

Now, let's get started with my favorite lines ... Chanel, anyone?

 Karl is always looking to re-invent that perfect suit and I'm not mad at him for it. This year, there are some pretty cute and chic booty-short versions of said classic, but when I'm picking my faves from RTW, I always try and keep in mind the fact that I'm picking stuff that I would be ... ready to wear! Above are two of my favorite renditions of the Coco suit from this collection that I like the most.

Remember this skirt? Miss Keira did a great job modeling this outfit, better than the model, I think!

I will forever love Chanel. I will forever love Karl Lagerfeld. He is the inspiration for my alter ego. I love when he calls people fat and makes no excuse for wearing the same thing every day and never looking people in the eye. Beyond that, Chanel is the epitome of fashion for me. 

Next favorite line ... LV

Jazz!! This is a perfect party dress!

This kills me, in a good way! I would wrap some tulle around the bottom, obviously ... something similar to my favorite Chanel skirt from above. The colors in this line are gorgeous, so different from the nudes and poppy colored designs from other houses. But, LV can pretty much do whatever they want!

Just a "touch" of Africa. [take notes, Gwennie]

Yes. Yes ... just, yes.

I love curve balls ... where did all this oriental shit come from?? I could only pick a few from my one of my favorites, Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs is doing a fantastic job ... I almost died over the Fall 2010 line, but this is quite a shift. Several of these designs have a 20s feel [which I also predicted, but didn't think would manifest itself through the big LV], but also ... the eastern feel is undeniable. 

On to Bensoni ... 

Bensoni is probably my favorite newbie label. I'm not even sure I remember them before 2009, but I'm a huge fan! Great flow, great feel for trends and expressing them uniquely without shitting all over classics. I'm big on minimalistic, classic looks with some sort of flare and I think these two designers really get that. These long striped skirts are amazing and there is even some chartreuse chiffon thrown in the line. Chartreuse is one of those colors that I'm never going to really be able to wear, but damned if I don't love it!


I would wear this every day. I say that a lot, but I mean it with this! More chartreuse, which is a trend I really enjoy, but I'd probably have to have this in a different color. But, look at this ... gorgeous!

My perfect idea of menswear ... and this nude, monochromatic theme that is running through pretty much every line this spring is officially approved and endorsed by yours truly. But this is feminine and  non-threatening menswear with bright touches and easy mix-and-match ability. Those pants are amazing.

Like butta ... Jesus H.!!

Nude doesn't mean neutral ... there is nothing neutral about this pinky, naked number. LOVE.

I truly love this man. I always have and judging by this bombshell of a line, the love will continue. I get the feeling that Elie Saab really loves women ... or at the very least, he gets us. I mean, look at this stuff!! It was so hard for me not to pick every single look. Menswear without being manly, salmon [okay, maybe it's coral] never looked this good ... and sparkly nude anything wins [think Britney's Toxic bodysuit!] ... this collection took my breath away.

Often times, a designer will get in a mood and you'll see the pattern ... a few suits, a few nudes, a few pops, a few randoms, etc. This is one of the most cohesive lines I've ever seen. Everything is good; it all works. Do yourself a favor and look up the rest of his Spring 2011 line ... amazing.


Okay, yes ... the tan is a bit much. Kind of made me jelly ... you can see my veins through my skin I'm so white right now. But, this is really well-cut menswear.

Don't you just see yourself running errands in this stuff? My oxfords go with nearly everything in this collection and these fedoras don't strike me as the kind a douche bag in a pink bathing suit would wear, but more like the kind my favorite Olsen [Ashley] pops on before crouching down the NYC streets for more anti-growth serum [coffee].

Pretty sure that is corseted. And perfect.

I was just telling Cookie how I want a cute little slip type dress to run around in that would go with a bunch of jackets ... I guess this is the super-fashionable version. Love.

DSquared2 is usually a bit "urban" for me ... kind of like Rock & Republic; just on the verge of being too "Fergie" [woof!], but I was pleasantly surprised this season. The boys pulled out some really nice pieces. 

Okay, if you like what you've read so far, please click for more!! I cover some more major houses and a few more of my favorite designers like Rodarte, Chloe, Jason Wu, Lanvin and two of my tops for going over the top ... Monique Lhuillier and Oscar de la Renta ... you'll need another hour to go through it all. I will not apologize, however. This is my most fabulous hobby.

Lanvin surprised me for not being more ... Lanvin-esque. That doesn't make sense. Let me say this; there are some designers that I enjoy more for their Fall lines. Those usually include LV, Prada, Lanvin and Pringle of Scotland. Not to say I don't enjoy what they do in their Spring lines, I just think they work better in the Fall. I feel the opposite way about Chloe. I love Chloe in the Spring ... Chloe makes me think of Spring!

Anyway ...

In the words of Cookie DuBois ... "meh" ... I really like them, but Lanvin usually makes me fall in love.

Dreamy, isn't it?

Another favorite ... Chloe.

More nude ... more monochromatic-ness. This dress has a great cut and would work on many levels. Night out? Bridesmaid? Bride! Even casually with a blazer and some sandals.

I usually have an aversion to anything white white, but this is amazing. The wear-ability factor of this piece is off the charts. The possibilities are endless. I'm seeing this somehow sexy and still versatile, long sleeved crew-neck silhouette a lot this year and loving it.

I love Chloe handbags and I honestly feel a bit more comfortable with their Spring collections and this one really did it for me.

Lets have a moment of giddiness for my very most favorite collection from Spring 2011 ... Monique Lhuillier!

ahhhhhh! I envision this as bridal wear for a party or reception. It appears to be made so damn well that I feel like I would have one in every color, were I a wealthy and thin woman.

Dream pants. I never would have put that top with it, but it works so perfectly! I love branching out a bit that way. The belt works, but so could a number of other accessories. These are power pants that are calmed with creme on the top. Suitable [hehe] for any occasion!

This reaffirms my "dream pants" claim. My waist is insanely high on my body and pants like this fit me really well. I really love the idea of a corseted top with menswear. Very Madonna during Vogue.

Damn. You know that dress Claire Danes wore to the somethings [Emmy's maybe? I don't remember ...] Anyway, I remember reading that it was by Monique Lhuillier and getting really excited about seeing the rest of that collection. This colorful version is amazing. The concept of wearing sparkles just makes me so damn happy!

More sparkles!! This time, they seem much more woven into the fabric as opposed to being made out of glitter/sparkles/amazingess alone. This must be amazing to wear.

This is one of those things I would buy but never wear ... except maybe for pizza and movies night with hubby or laying around watching old movies ... please tell me I'm not the only person who lays around dressed to the 9s for fun. I don't really enjoy wearing floral patterns and I despise paisley, but this is amazing. Not quite floral or paisley, but definitely patterned somehow. The colors are uplifting ... this is officially my "happy" dress. I would wear my cobalt blue heels, naturally.

I can say that Lhuillier is my favorite for the Spring without putting her on the front page of this blog for a couple of reasons ... she isn't a real consistent favorite of mine, but I see myself gravitating toward that softer look when it comes to glam and if there is any term do define this collection, "soft glam" is it. 

On to Oscar .... oh so many to go through here. I couldn't help myself!

Great example of femme-menswear; ruffles & trousers. This look works on nearly every shape!!

Great suiting. Classic cut, perfect length. Timeless. If you ever want to spend a lot of money on a suit, go for this look. You can pair it with anything and when it comes to suiting, you can really benefit from buying a quality made piece. 

I'm a big fan of the coat-dress. This is a bit overboard with the pizazz, but I really love the chartreuse that is popping into my favorite lines. 

More classic cuts, which is definitely Oscar's style. This has boning on the side [more than likely] to poof it out a bit. I wouldn't exactly have that need, but it is nonetheless a great look. Black lace over nude is season-less. Buy it!

More white ... couldn't really say no to this, however. I'm a sucker for lace ... this looks Chantilly-esque and the cut is just beautiful. I don't often wear a-lines, but this would be great on a high-waisted person such as myself.

I just need this. 

50s goth ... who'd have thought!? I really love the Betty Draper top with the Westwood style bottom. Little black [or any color] kid gloves would be amazing. Beautiful.

Oscar doesn't often go "cutesy," so I am living it up with this heart dress! Amazing dress! Not quite mermaid, but cinched, in any case. The colors are definitely for Spring ... maybe even just for February, but I would definitely put this on my list. Red kid gloves and heart shaped sunglasses! So cute.

No words ... these are amazing.

Who doesn't love Oscar de la Renta?? He is no-doubt eccentric in his designs;  I mean to say he doesn't really stick with a theme, but that just means he is really good at pleasing everyone on several levels and his clothes are notoriously well made and fabulous. There isn't much that I didn't like from this collection.

Ralph Lauren

Steampunk? Actually ... most of this collection looked like studio wardrobe from Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman [for shame, Ralph] but, I can't deny the amazing classic looks that this major [and favorite] house consistently churns out. 

This is amazing. A very themed look, but probably just heavenly to wear. Amazing.

I love this for a casual bride. A dream dress for the spring, really. And timeless, too!

I really have a huge love affair with Ralph Lauren. It is kind of a centering point for me. Classic, crisp, ever-feminine but constantly evolving without losing that reputation. [see: Tommy Hilfiger]


No idea why I like this ... that doesn't often happen.

Great cut on this one. Very 90s.

Gorgeous. I am speechless! One of those "perfect" dresses.

I'm really new to Rochas, I'm not totally sure what draws me to this line, but it is kind of all over the place. Modern with some classic pieces. Love it.

These ladies love the sharp cut and more than that, they love metallics! 

I really love this. Very versatile. 

This looks like a china pattern. It is a little Pucci for my taste, but I like it a lot.

Rodarte is probably my second favorite up & coming label. I really like their story [two sisters from Pasadena who came to NY with some fabric and a dream], but more so, I like that they push the envelope in a non-annoying way. They don't seem eager to obnoxiously demand respect, but quietly and strongly earn it.


Daria!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite model.

A Cozy cream blazer is on my list of Spring to-buy pieces. Wish I could afford this one!

My stripes obsession is getting out of hand ... oh, well! Not much I can do about that except ... buy more striped clothing!!

I love the overall look of this Spring collection from Balmain. The rolled, cigarette pants are really chic and made fabulous in nearly any color or fabric, as the collection shows.


Dolce, Dolce, Dolce ... & Gabbana!

I'm really enjoying this cotton lace look from a few designers. In Louisiana, this works all the way to September!!

This is way more me. And incredibly hard to find. The sharp cut and long sleeves mixed with the comfortable, light weight cotton lace marries two classic designs into one kick-ass dress. Oh, man ... I have so many espadrilles that would go with this!!

Perfect for me. Marrying those two ideas again with a softer outline and sheer for the sexy element.

Dolce & Gabbana never shy away from a little sparkle. I would wear this. I wouldn't buy it, though. I feel like I could only wear this to Diddy's white party or something. not really a great investment piece, but it really is amazing. 

D&G are a bit much for me usually, but I am really loving this softer look. Their other line [actually called D&G doesn't do much for me. I cannot deny their fabulousness and staying power.

Jason Wu ... 

More neutral menswear. These pants are great ... love the cuff! The high-neck, sheer top is just enough girliness to offset the large pants. Very Gloria Vanderbilt.

Short suits!! Digging ...

Cute dress! Very versatile.

I'm loving the V-to-the-waistline look of a few of his pieces. The purple is a bit off of my spring color palatte of nude, chartreuse and cobalt, but I liked the dress too much to leave it out.

Wu is a consistent favorite of mine. He is a bit all over the place this season, but I enjoyed nearly every look.

The Jil[l]s ... Stuart & Sander

Above: Jill Stuart ... not usually a fan, but both of these struck me as beautiful, versatile and well made. Two majorly different looks, but I'm guessing that just means there wasn't much of a theme. I'm a Gemini, so I can appreciate both looks and honestly say that I would wear both!

Above: Jil Sander ... I am a big fan!! I think Jil Sander and Celine are two lines that I consistently admire despite their usual modern looks. This is probably one of my favorite Sander looks. The stripes are amazing and I'm loving long looks for 2011.

Kate Bosworth really rocked this look recently. This dress is super popular already! It comes in a lot of color combinations, but as modern and color-block-y as it is, I can honestly say that I would wear the hell out of this. 

Speaking of Celine ...

I didn't really get this year's collection from Celine, but this skirt is an absolute win. It pops up quite a bit in the show, in leather and what seems to be a sturdy linen. The great thing about this skirt is its ability to work as a suit piece or evening wear due to the sharp cut. I prefer it best just like this.


Roberto Cavalli ...

Roberto Cavalli never stops doing this fringe shit, but this year for some reason ... I like it! These are the only two, actually. I think the long sleeve crocheted look is really witchy and amazing in that lavender color. I would definitely wear this on the beach or anywhere else I want to be stared at ... but NOT near any escalators ... cause, damn.

Nina Ricci ...

Yum. I would wear this now with my nude, patent, platform slingbacks or in the fall with black opaque tights and my over the knee black suede boots. Just gorgeous.

Monochromatic nude again. I'm in love with this layered look.

I call this "happy suiting" ... 

Nina Ricci is an oooooooold brand that is usually hit or miss with me. I'm happy to claim  "hit" this season.

Kors ...

Love the skirt, love the color.

Ditto ... maxi is major this year! I promise!

Michael Kors is always a bit "Target" for me ... basically I love it, but I know I'm not going to be "wowed" ... so here I am not wowed, but I am definitely comfortable adding him to my list.
Pucci? Really?

Amazing! This is so beautiful, the cobalt blue is one of my favorite 2011 colors. I really love the sturdy construction and the lavish details ... mini-tassels under the bust line and hemline. So great.

This is an amazing color. The fit of this whole line is just beautiful, adding the lace front boots is just such an amazing addition to the already whimsical/ethereal feel of the look. I would really, really love to own one of these dresses and the boots of course!


I am not a consistent Emilio Pucci fan ... it is really a great brand, but it often reaches too far for my strict sensibilities, but this was a really beautiful collection, like last Fall's peacock dress, I'm pretty sure I'm going to dream about these ...

Max Attack ....

Three favorites in two looks ... maxi, mon-chrom and wide-legged pants. Great job Max Azria.

This Max [Mara] is much more my speed ... Just look at those blazers! And stripes!

I'm hoping this is a romper, at the very least it's a short-suit ... another of my Spring 2011 faves.

YES. Mon-chrom madness! Not quite chartreuse, but I'd probably go in a completely different color direction all together [I'm cobalt obsessed!], so that doesn't bother me. This look has popped up a lot this season. Love, love.


Yes to this jumpsuit in all forms. 

Sweet fancy moses. This is amazing. An overall favorite of mine for sure. I can see this in the Fall as well with some cognac colored gloves and boots.

Its YSL ... seriously, you kind of have to love it. 

Valentino ...

Yes. These are speckles, not dots. I think that's why I like it.

Beautiful suiting!! I love that hem - ultra-feminine! The skinny belt is killing it this season and it was all over Valentino's line. Definitely investment pieces. 

Lace & lace = yes.

I'd like to wear this dress [I like the one on the right best] during the holidays. I don't know why it's in a Spring collection, but I would never question the house that Valentino built.

Sexy maxi-tuxedo-shirt dress. I love that nude layering as well. Very versatile.


Gwen is my hero and the only celebrity designer I can stomach, but this season's African safari-wear wasn't really my speed, I am however a huge fan of the new suit she has adopted. Killer cut on those pants.

Marc Jacobs 
This was too similar to the LV line, but I'm guessing that will happen! Love this long, peasant look.

Miu Miu 
Usually hit or miss with me. I kind of have to be in the mood for it, but I did enjoy this dress.

I really, really love Balenciaga ... but it never really makes my RTW list because I feel like it is more like art for me. I don't think I would do any of it justice, but I really love this grunge look. Yay 90s! Haha.

A lot of similar looks, definitely on a theme. This bumblebee is precious. I love the stripes and I definitely need those shoes!

Safe and classic, as usual. I really like this ivory look. And the wigs were perfect. Definitely my hair inspiration.

Porenza Schouler
I usually just die over everything from Porenza, but this was my only pick! Snuggly spring sweaters are great, and these have sparkle!

Loving all the stripes, but one look says enough from that collection in my opinion. They can't top last Spring's collection. I still dream about it!

Pringle of Scotland
I love this brand in the Fall, but I wasn't blown away here. I do love the pants and the ruffled ginham, though.

Rock & Republic
This newbie brand never really impresses me, but I can't deny the way they work their denim. I enjoy these immensely.

Viktor & Rolf
Crazy-pants! I love craziness and certain high-fashion lines like these never really make it into my RTW faves, but this white-shirt masterpiece is just amazing. Look closely ... those are white, button-down men's shirts turned into a ball gown. This would be another one of those "buy" but "don't wear out" purchases. Just a happy dress to make your day fabulous.

Vivienne Westwood 
Also crazy pants ... I always get the feeling that she really has to pull it back for RTW. This is a nice concept - post-apocalyptic menswear. 

Zac Posen
Never fails, never really wows either, but I can't help but love Zac's classic, minimalistic style. This is a great dress, a true investment piece ... is that Crystal Renn? Love her.

Burberry Prorsum 
Reese Witherspoon is wearing this on the cover of a recent Glamour edition. I really like it. I don't have anything against the Spring line here, but nothing jumped out at me. It felt like old, watered down Balenciaga.

Richie Rich
For good measure ... he is one crazy bitch, but this dress is awesome.

Not my favorite collection, but beautiful anyway. I really like this modern suit. I wouldn't wear it together, but I really dig the skirt. Seamless & timeless!

None of these designers are one hit wonders by any means ... I just mean that I could really only pick out one from each collection that I'd put on my hit list. So, don't go sayin' I dogged Versace. I don't want Donatella coming after me!

Well, there you have it! If anyone actually read all of this ... bravo! You deserve a cookie and you would probably love coming over and going through magazines with me. I hope to design clothes one day, even if it is just for my friends and family. I may start sooner than later ... I've been buzzing about my new Hesson Haus project. Details coming soon!

Anyway, here's to inspiration!



  1. The "Yes, just yes" dress and I need to meet. I want to wear that to a roaring 20s party! Hell, I want to GO to a roaring 20's party. :)

    I'm dying over the Elie Saab line. That chartreuse dress and I were meant for each other.

  2. Saab is my homeboy! I'm glad you agree [although I'm not surprised! haha.] Great minds ...

  3. I don't follow fashion a whole lot, as in who designed what, but I love to ogle at it and really enjoyed reading this post. One thing that bothers me about ready to wear though, I know you love the v line through the boobs look, but who do you know that could actually pull it off and look good? Or least not have their boobs pop out? And I still don't understand the concept of having clothes purposefully large around the hips.

    However, there are so many pieces you put up here that I absolutely LOVE. The Saab dresses for one and the Dsquared2 Corsetted dress for another. Those Pucci dresses would make me feel like I needed to be in a romance novel. I would love to wear them.

    You should do another post on the model makeup. I find that totally fascinating in and of itself.

  4. Great post! I felt like we were at work talking as usual about fashion.
    I could totally see you in all the Ralph Lauren dresses. They're so delicate and flowy. And, that Balmain! ahhhh, I just love them even if theyre much too edgy for me.

    I feel the exact same way about Michael Kors. He's too monochromatic and simple for me. And, I'm so surprised that DSquared2 made it to the list. I LIKE fergie and I usually think theyre too fergie for my taste. That corset dress is to die for, though

    I think the only thing I would wear on a day to day basis would be the Oscar de la Renta because it has a touch of vintage and we all know Im going through that phase.

    Thanks for the shoutouts

  5. Will do! I was really testing ... I used to do a fashion blog [years ago!] and no one ever really became interested. I guess we were too young at that point. [not like Tavi!]

    But I really like V neck because I have fairly wide set bewbies ... that stuff works for me. Plus it elongates so, any excuse to do that is great for me. I went to the beach a LOT in 2010 [Cape Fear, the Gulf, Hawaii] so the Pucci dresses really stuck out for me. [I'm beached-out though. No more!] I think fashion is all about expressing yourself and I love that while I definitely have my dos and don'ts, it all kind of depends on where I am mentally.

    I never make resolutions, but I've made one this year to get back to my fighting weight so I can wear the closets-full of clothes that I own. So, the more I blog about fashion the more that will stay in the forefront.

  6. Yay, Cookie! Hope this post helped you feel less like shit today. I'm sorry you're sick.

    Oscar killed it this season. Not surprising, he is pretty consistent and I can definitely see you in all of that. I think the DSquared2 issue is the fact that I want/need a tan and I am in a love affair with menswear. I honestly think I'm too big to wear it though. It's very hard to wear menswear when you are big enough to actually look like a man. Haha. This is just more inspiration ...

    I want to play all day in those Pucci dresses. I just think they look like the goddess Artemis with those boots. So romantic but strong and ethereal. I never like Pucci! I can't get over that.

    Also, Jessica ... the first DSquared2 model has my bewbs, only tanned. There is a lot of room in between so V necks are no prob-Bob.

  7. Oh my God. We have all the same favorite designers. It's meant to be.

    I grew up reading Vogue ("the Bible," in my parents' house), Mirabella, WWD, etc., which is somewhat unusual, especially 'round these parts, so I usually have no one to talk haute couture with except my mom. This is awesome!

  8. Mirabella!? lolzzzzz.

    I'm a Harper's girl, myself. W, Elle and InStyle when I can stomach it; they seem to try and tutor people who don't know how to dress themselves rather than get down to the real fashion goods, but I'm going on 10 years subscribing, as with the others. Drives Brandon nuts!]

    I have always referred to VOGUE as the bible, despite my greater love for Bazaar. It usually disturbs people ... good to know you approve! Also good to know I can keep up my fashion blogging and still have followers!