Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I could eat Mexican food every day of my life. Either that or pizza, but definitely Mexican. I love that bit Jim Gaffigan does about every Mexican dish being "tortilla with cheese meat or vegetables." So true, but the combinations are nearly endless, so I'll take it.

I have favorite salsas all over town. Oyster Bar's is really vinegar heavy, but perfect with the chips and seafood they serve. Tacomania has a nice, hot base to their table salsa and it is really more of a picante; I really like it.  El Compadre might have my favorite; very onion heavy, some cilantro [never enough for me] and it pours well over everything without overpowering but can still stand on its own.

B finally said "why don't you just make salsa." Genius! I've done pico de gallo before and it is his favorite. I don't like to just eat pico alone, because I enjoy a soupy quality to salsa. So, last week I created a monster by whipping up what I do believe might be the best damn salsa I've ever had. This just goes to show; if you work with food and cook long enough, you really start to get a feel for what makes different foods work together, how to get the flavor you want. After cooking for about 4 years now, I really think I'm confident enough to say that I have mastered a few techniques; soups and sauces seem to be my forte and salsa might just be the next!

Here are a few pictures of my saucy little salsa venture. I used all fresh ingredients, my trusty Santoku and a magic bullet! I served the salsa with white wine and tortilla chips for an afternoon snack. We didn't even have dinner that night, it was so filling! I'm definitely thinking about jarring some of it to bring to parties instead of wine. I may end up putting the recipe up, but I really think finding your favorite blend is best ... also, I put some secret ingredients in mine that I might  actually keep to myself for once! [not brains, I promise]

My messy butcher's block. ♥ 


Cilantro madness.

The perfect snack.

I advise serving salsa at room temperature and to really taste it, you know, if you're trying to see how well you've done or what you need to add, drink water for little to no interference with your taste buds. Happy salsa-ing!

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    MMMM, I love soupy salsa!