Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thrifting With Cookie

Thrifting was great fun. Cookie makes a great model and I was able to style her a couple different ways. I call this Cookie by Cake [those are our nicknames at the library!] so, enjoy! And I apologize for the picture quality. I didn't have my kick ass camera with me!

Navy, sleeveless, ribbed sweater dress & ruched powder blue leather booties.
Sweater Dress: $10

Definitely my favorite look. This skirt is amazing; great cut, thin and comfortable suede material ... I paired it with the boots that I couldn't stop obsessing over and a really interesting, chunky knit sleeveless top. The whole thing is very "mesa" ... I like it a lot.
Sweater: $14
Skirt: $9
Boots: $18

Eeeeek! I love these. Of course, if you paired them with white skin tight pants and tacky jewelry, you'd probably just look like one of the washed up cougars at the Rockin' Rodeo, but they really do have a use outside the realm of totally tacky. When subdued, they're almost victorian looking.

Date night senorita! This simple black dress is adorable. Anything pulled off the shoulder looks spanish to me. Not in a bad way, just in a way that makes you hope they're going dancing later.
Dress: $18
Shoes: $18

Cookie: "I don't have a pair of red shoes."
Me: "........ seriously?"

I picked these out for Cookie. Now she has red shoes.

You never really know what you're going to find when you go thrifting. The fun of it is seeing how many outfits you can put together in your size from one shop. I defnitely encourage thrifting and antiquing ... I'm actually going to go through a bunch of my stuff and maybe set up shop one day soon! I've got tons of clothes in all different sizes that I just never wear or can't anymore. Clothes party soon!


  1. Where did you get these at? The store looks so cute! I'm in love with that cute little black dress with the red shoes and red flower. So cute and classy!

  2. I love my Cookie. She is precious. And I do adore the outfits, I need to go thrift shopping very soon.

  3. We were at King's Antiques. There is a little corner booth with some vintage clothing in the back. Most of the stuff was Cookie's size [0-2], so we had a pretty good selection.

    Come with us next time, Virginia!

  4. Jealous of that thrift store. Amazing finds!

  5. Love this! Outfit #2 is definitely my favorite.

  6. I love #2 as well! That skirt is really nice looking in person, too.

  7. I will be going back for the dress in #3.
    and my barette ofcourse.