Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tin Soldier

I found these old boots in one of my many [tiny] closets! Honestly, the closets in my house are so small!! I have racks of clothes just out in the open because I know if I close them up, I'll forget and never look in there again ... kinda like what happened with these awesome tin-man boots.

Metallic grey, military snaps on the side ... really only look good with black or denim. On my way out, Dear Husband said "hey, David Bowie" ... compliment!


  1. How in the world did you forget about those? Gorgeous!

  2. Ah, your shoe collection makes me a happy (and jealous) hamster. LOVE THOSE!

  3. I found about 8 pairs in the tiny little closet buried under boxes and sweaters [I'm messy] ... so, I'll have blog posts for a week!

  4. ahh, i remember seeing this in your massive shoe mountain.

    theyre soooo gorgeous.